Henry Nalipan

Ag. Director Transport


The main Mandate of transport Directorate is to provide quality mechanical transport and plants services, enhance development and maintenance of roads and other related infrastructural works with a view to support realization of the County Integrated Development Plan.

    • Develop infrastructure for landing facilities to facilitate water transport linking inter/intra counties.
    • Management of county route and provision of technical information on various transportation routes in the county.
    • Hiring of construction and building equipment’s to the public.
    • Provision of policy direction on public transport.
    • Formation, sensitisation and implementation of policy guidelines on public transport in the county.
    • Co-ordination of public transport services including effective road safety measures.
    • Provision of effective preventive measure for public and private fleets.
    • Management of motorized and non-motorised transportation within urban areas in the county
    • Registration and maintenance of car parks, parking Bays and effective control of traffic within the urban areas.
    • 2 New Tippers bought
    • 2 New Graders bought
    • 1 New Roller bought
    • Other machines and equipment acquired from MTF through Transition Authority (TA)
    • Ministry plants and machinery Overhaul