Jordan Epatt Lojokomoe

Director Administration


The administration directorate is tasked to interpret and implement administrative policies and functions in liaison with technical departments in the ministry.

    • Provide administrative services as well as coordinating the implementation of such services in ensuring smooth and efficient service delivery by the ministry.
    • Handle Human Resource Management matters by providing technical advice on recruitment, selection, deployment, training and promotion of staff.
    • Organize and manage Ministry records and documents.
    • Capture oral dictation (minutes), process data, operate office equipment, attend to visitors/clients, ensure security of office records, integrity and confidentiality of records and manage correspondences, appointments, office diary and travel itineraries.
    • Disseminate Ministry information to both internal and external publics.
    • Established Service Delivery Charter for the Ministry to improve service delivery efficiency and accountability. The Ministry Service Charter is currently undergoing review.
    • Introduced the Ministry Service Registers for capturing all clients seeking services at the Ministry and tracking how they were served.
    • Introduced the Ministry front desk manned by an assistant office administrator.
    • Established suggestion boxes and placed them in strategic locations at the Ministry.
    • Established Fire Assembly Point as a safety precaution for fire incidences in the ministry.
    • Up to date Ministry media Pages (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).
    • Produnction of Ministry Quarterly Newsletters.