John Emeripus

Director of Public Communications & Media Relations


    The sector is responsible for formulation and implementation of economic and financial policies and strategies of the county. Formulation of fiscal policy and macro fiscal policy management, preparation of the County Integrated Development Plan and management of financial resources, management of the county tax policy and effective use of government revenue.

    In addition, the coordination of public and private sector activities and facilitation of the private sector for economic development, coordination with international agencies and mobilization of resources ensuring effective use, management and accounting, Administrative and monitoring functions in respect of county development priorities.

    The Directorate focuses on three major areas:

    • Internal communications with employees.
    • External communications with the public, National Government, Private Sector and other stakeholders and
    • Media relations.
      • Communication/Media Advisory to the County Government
      • Preparation of Speeches for the Governor
      • Coordination of Public and Official County events
      • Responding to media crisis and handling of media matters
      • Coordination/Packaging of information for the County government to ensure consistency in messaging and branding.
      • Increase awareness and understanding and encourage participation by the citizens of the Turkana County in their government.
      • Build community pride among citizens and positive identification with their home County.
      • Enhance community confidence in the government and its officials, elected and appointed.
      • Increase awareness, understanding and participation of County government employees in the goals and activities of the Government.
      • Build corporate pride among employees and positive identification with County government as a whole.
      • Develop better relationships with the news media to enable them to be two-way communicators between County government and its target publics.
      • Encourage and facilitate two-way communication as a corporate communications philosophy and provide the tools, training, and methods necessary to be successful.