Whether you are a potential investor or a film production company on the lookout for rewarding settings, expect the County Government to deal with your request in a professional, efficient and unbureaucratic way. Please contact the Ministry for Tourism, Trade and Industrialization directly:

Email: tourism@turkana.go.ke, Telephone: +254-711-391 394

Energy & Mining

East of Lake Turkana, the largest wind farm in Africa is under construction. On 20th October 2015, Google announced it will buy a 12.5% share of the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, confident in the projects commercial viability, according to GRI (Global Risk Insights), a world-leading publication.

Invest and Build Turkana

Invest and Build Turkana

Costing over $700 million and sporting a capacity exceeding 310 megawatts, the project, once complete will comprise 15% of Kenya’s energy mix.

On the other side of Lake Turkana, in the west, the area has attracted international oil companies, such as Tullow Oil. Exploration activities uncovered 600,000 recoverable barrels of oil in 2012.

The area is already being transformed with the arrival of a large number of individuals seeking to profit on the back of oil discoveries, with some town’s populations having increased 500%.

In addition, vast water aquifers have been discovered underneath the bone-dry region. This could provide a solution the area’s water shortages, potentially transforming livelihoods.


Turkana Annual Trade Fair and Investment Conference held in Lodwar

The forum showcases Turkana’s promising investments opportunities and the potential for mutually benefiting partnerships in the energy, finance, infrastructure and housing sector, as well as in agriculture, fisheries, tourism and cross border trade. Furthermore, Kenyan and global stakeholders and investors are welcome to attend rewarding discussions and meet respective decision makers from National Government, County Government and business organizations.

More details will be released soon. If you wish to receive updated information, send an empty email with Re: Turkana Trade Fair and Investment Conference to info@turkanaconference.co.ke.


A haven for the Filming Industry

 Thanks to its overwhelming vastness and diversity, an unspoilt nature and outstanding locations, Turkana County is a heaven for the filming industry as proven by past productions, the most successful of which was ‘The Constant Gardener’ that has reaped international fame.

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