Target: Gazettement and protection of wild life in Lotikipi game reserve

Sensitizing the Community First Round.

The ministry Energy, Environment and Natural carried out the community sensitization meeting to community living at the periphery of the game reserve in Nanam and Lokichoggio wards.  The sensitization meetings were aimed at seeking public informed concert and participation.  Prior to conducting the aerial survey to determine the actual wildlife animal population, species, location and migration pattern of wild animals, eco-systems characteristics will be analyzed and stated for consideration in the management plan.

The outcomes of the aerial report will be useful in determine and designing vantage points for tourist spot, hoteling, notifying roads and other accessible ways within the reserve.

Seven Community barazas in the first sensitization, a total of about 700 community members composed of 432 men and 268 female were sensitized. Covering areas of Lokichoggio, Nyeu, Atalo Lomuria, Lokonya, Edokon, Nanam and Lopiding sub locations

kemya-wildlife-service-staff-addressing-community-at-edokonWildlife addressing community at Edokon   



Senior chief addressing community at Edokon    

Sensitize the Community Second Round

This was necessitated by the delay in the procuring of the aerial survey plane, the need to keep the aware and the pastoral life style of the community.  This covered the areas of Kakuma, Lokangae, Lotikipii, Ngeu and Atalo Lomuria sub locations.