James Eripon

Director of ICT & e-Governement

  • Lankas Ekaran – CICTO Software and Applications

    Washington Malala – CICTO Technical Support and System Maintenance

    Peter Alimon – CICTO Network Applications and Security

    Robert Naweet – CICTO

  • Provide Secure, Efficient and Affordable ICT services to the People of Turkana County

    Policy Statement: All citizens will have equitable access to affordable and secure ICT. The Turkana County Government will play a leading role in building a networked society where organizations and individuals have equitable access to ICT-enabled resources all the way to the ward level.

  • To enhance Social Economic transformation of Turkana County through provision of quality, sustainable and reliable ICT services”

    • Innovation
    • Professionalism
    • Integrity and Accountability
    • Teamwork
    • Partnership (PPP-Public-Private Partnership)
    1. Advice and guide the County Government on ICT Policy, strategy and implementation of ICT projects in compliance with national and county legal and regulatory requirements;
    2. Implement County/National ICT policy and e-Government master plans;
    3. Oversee the implementation and maintenance of ICT Infrastructure in line with ICT growth, plans and changing business requirements or technology advancements;
    4. Implementation of recommendation contained in the ICT transformation road-map that is anchored in the CIDP;
    5. Maintain the community information centers at all levels;
    6. Development and implementation of computerized information systems and IT infrastructure to provide effective technical support in the maintenance of ICT systems and equipment and ensure they are always in good working conditions.
    7. Provide consulting services on automation of internal processes in liaison with users in order to provide enhanced operational efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery.
    8. Provide ICT service to the County Government that include carrying out system design, installations, analysis, configuration, repair and maintenance of local and wide area networks and associated peripherals.
    9. Ensure verification, validation and certification of ICT equipment before commissioning.
    10. Manage and provide oversight for implementation of any ICT strategy and disaster recovery plans that minimize the risk of data loss and breach of privacy of County Government information data base.
    11. Design and development of an interactive website where information for public consumption can be uploaded thus provide a communication channel for exchange of views and opinions.
    12. Develop an internal communication network service through creation of an intranet/extranet system where the County Government information will be posted and accessed by staff and authorized persons.
    • County official web portal.
    • Internet connectivity at County HQ and all ministries within Lodwar.
    • County ICT Roadmap/Strategy.
    • County ICT Policy.
    • Automated Revenue System.

    1 Enhancing ICT Capacity Sent the three (3) staff for professional training as follows:

    –          CISSP at AFRALTI

    –          WMaaSP at IBM Research Africa

    ·         Two (2) staff completed training on Certified Information System Security Professional (From 11 March 2019 to 15 March 2019).


    ·         One (1) staff completed training on Water Management as a Service Platform (WMaaSP) {From 11 March 2019 to 15 March 2019}.

    Ref: Training Invites and other related documentation.

    2 Enhance Communication Access to Information Website update

    Users E-Mail address creation and usage

    Dynamic / changes effected as directed.

    Ref: www.turkana.go.ke

    3 ICT Infrastructure Development and Improvement Deployed Wi-Fi Internet Connectivity at Economic Planning Department The following Directorates are served by the implemented connectivity:

    ·         Directorate of ICT and E-Government

    ·         Directorate of Planning

    ·         Directorate of Budget

    ·         Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation.

    Ref: Safaricom Ltd Job card.

    4 Turkana County Connectivity Coverage ·         Organized a meeting with Service Provider (Safaricom Ltd); Mapped 76 sites on 2G, 3G and 4G Technology throughout the county.

    Ref: A report on locations with connectivity presence

    5 Issuance of user ICT Specifications for various Departments / Directorates ·         Ministry of Trade (Specifications for Local Area Network Structured Cabling, Networking equipment, IPBX and Wi-Fi)

    ·         Directorate of Revenue (Specifications for Point Of Sale, Mobile Phones) etc

    Ref: Specifications

    6 Development and Implementation of ICT Policy and Regulation ICT Policy and Regulation under review Activity done. Report under compilation.