Victor Lekaram

Ag.Director Economic Planning

Victor Lekaram

Deputy Director Economic Planning


The Directorate of Economic planning is legally established under the county government act of 2012 section 105 with specific core mandate as county planning unit. It has also been established under the executive order number 1 of 2017. The directorate has been in existence since the inception of Turkana county government in 2013 given that economic planning service is part of devolved function under schedule four of the constitution of Kenya 2010.

The Directorate is has gained the county government in economic planning service ranging from developing the county integrated development plan I and II to developing annually development plans, sector plans  and other plans are required to gained development in the county.

  • The Directorate of Economic planning is mandated to be the hub of economic planning services in the county with a cross sectorial approach to programming, performance measurement, project planning, research and statistics.

    • Drafted and published CIDP 2013-2017 with its Popular Version. The CIDP was reviewed and Annual Development Plans prepared.
    • Established seven Citizen Resource Centres (CRCs) throughout the county. These CRCs are complete but yet to be operationalized.
    • An Economic Planning unit was created at the county level and the capacity for planning and budgeting increased through the employment of economists and statisticians by the CPSB.
    • Created County Budget and Economic Forum, which strengthened the operational capacity of the county planning unit. Established a project coordination, monitoring and evaluation unit by preparing the County M&E Policy and the County Monitoring and Evaluation Committee.
    • The Economic Planning department conducted annual community participation and consultative forums on planning and budgeting (including social budgeting and project implementation).