Mr. Mark Amiyo

Director Social Protection

Mr. James Ekanyuku

Assistant Deputy Director Social Protection

Mr. Amos Ariong

Deputy Director PWD

    1. To provide and protect vulnerable children, create an environment where they live in dignity and grow to reach their potential
    2. To promote Turkana county persons with disability for effective participation in sustainable social-economic development.
    3. To promote equal opportunities to marginalized groups
    4. To promote child rescue centers infrastructural development in the county.
    5. To provide social assistance to special groups (OVC,Elderly,PWD and illimanyang group in the county.
    6. Providing policy and legislative framework to facilitate quality service delivery.
    1. Child care and protection
    •  Work with partners on the matters children back to school, with a view of alleviating and dignifying their lives
    • Sensitizing partners in Kakuma refugee camp on childcare services bill and social assistance bill

    2. PWDs Support program

    • Site handover of Kalokol business stalls land
    • procurement of Assistive Devices for PWDs across the county
    • procurement of land for the construction of PWDs business stalls at Lokichar.

    3. Sensitization of the county assembly house committee of labour, gender and social services on social assistance bill and childcare services bill

    4. Drafting of the bills by the county social protection technical team

    5. Family tracing, reunification and reintegration of street children back to their families/community.