Mr. Samuel Kuwom Eregae

Director -ECDE

  • To provide quality education and infrastructure for ECDE learning institutions in Turkana county

  • An ECD Sector with competitive quality education to foster sustainable child growth and development.

    1. ECDE Infrastructure development
    2. Provide feeding program for ECDE Centres
    3. Provide for free basic learning & teaching materials
    4. Strengthening campaigns and increase awareness on Early Childhood Development & Education
    5. Provide and strengthen ECDE teacher management
    6. Strengthening mobile schools and community mobilization to participate in ECDE Programs
    7. Supervision, Capacity building and ECDE Teachers training
    8. Coordinate ECDE partnership with Education stakeholders
    9. Spearhead ECDE Policies formulation and implementation.
    10. Facilitate the construction of ECDE facilities and ensure a standard learning environment in ECDE.


  1. Improved ECDE infrastructure – since the onset of devolution, Turkana County Government has constructed 180 ECDE Centres countywide; 6 per ward for the 30 ward. These facilities are currently the model Centres at ward levels, and are child-friendly, with a classroom, kitchen, store, dining hall and latrines. We also equip these centres with child-friendly furniture for classrooms and provide play materials.
  2. Consistent ECDE Feeding Program – The Directorate has been providing ECDE Feeding to all 871 public ECDE Centres in Turkana County on termly basis. We provide food stuff such as maize, beans, fortified porridge, cooking oil, and iodized salt. The table below shows a comparison of ECDE Feeding for 2018 and 2019.

Table 1: ECDE Food stuff supplied by TCG

2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019
Maize 7917 9000 50 50 395.85 450
Beans 3321 4500 50 50 166.05 225
Cooking oil 1150 1300 20 20 23 26
Salt 449 600 12 12 5.388 7.2
Fortified porridge 3125 25 78.125


  1. Improved ECDE teacher establishment– The Directorate of ECDE is mandated to coordinate ECDE teachers establishment in all public ECDE`s. Through the Turkana County Public Service Board (TCPSB), the directorate is mandated to ensure there are teachers in all public ECDE Centres in the county. There has been an improved ECDE teachers count since the onset of devolution in 2013, as shown in the table below:

Table 2: ECDE teachers Establishment

2013 141
2014 141
2015 215
2016 261
2017 261
2018 275


In 2019, we are expecting additional 300 ECDE teachers to be deployed to our ECDE Centres by the County Public Service Board. This shall increase the number of teachers from the current 275 to 575.

  1. Quality Assurance – The Directorate conducts training and regular appraisal exercise to ECDE teachers to ensure consistent quality service delivery. In 2018, the Directorate together with the Human Resource office (Ministry of Education, Sports and Social Protection) conducted appraisal exercise for ECDE teachers, where 161 ECDE teachers on contract were appraised based on their performance and competence. We also train ECDE staff on aspects of feeding and child protection.
  2. Successful coordination of ECDE Partners – The Directorate of ECDE operates with Education partners under signed Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) where the Directorate keenly follows up to ensure the terms of operation are being adhered to. So far the key Partners are World Food Program (WFP), Marys` Meals, Waldorf International and FEED The Children, Child Fund, Dioceses of Lodwar. We have attained the following:
  3. WFP supported formulation of ECDE Feeding Guideline, in 2018, which was launched and rolled out and ECDE teachers were trained on the same.
  4. In partnership with WFP, we trained 300 ECDE Teachers and 300 ECDE Feeding Program Management Committee Chairpersons (from 300 targeted ECDE Centres; 50 from each of the six sub-county).
  • Mapping of 287 ECDE Centres, of the targeted 300 – in partnership with WFP
  1. Supported formulation of Turkana ECDE Policy, which is at draft stage awaiting ratification by the County Assembly.
  2. In support of WFP, Procurement of 240 energy saving stoves (Jikos) – 40 per sub-county.
  3. Mary`s Meals (org) supports ECDE Feeding in targeted 99 ECDE Centres in Loima and Turkana Central Sub-County.
  • In partnership with Waldof Kakuma Int. (sponsored by UNICEF), we trained ECDE teachers & caretakers from 93 ECDE Centres on improved pedagogy on the new curriculum; in November 2018
  • FEED the Children org. supports 18 ECDE Centres in Kalokol and Kangatotha wards, Turkana Central Sub-County


  1. ECDE Enrolment – ECDE enrolment has been fluctuating since 2013, but there has been consistent improvement for the past 2 years.
2013 39,584 45,248 84,832
2014 35,022 42,593 77,615
2015 61,634 73,156 134,790
2016 64,629 75,940 140,569
2017 60,500 50,429 110,929
2018 58,918 54,320 113,238