Clement Nadio

Director Environment


The Directorate of Environment mandate is to implement the devolved environmental function by exercising general supervision and coordination over all matters relating to the environment and to be the principal instrument of County Government in the implementation of all policies relating to the environment. The core functions of the directorate include; Pollution control, waste management, Environmental Impact Assessments reviews and audits, Environmental inspections, climate proof and controlling Environmental degradation in Turkana County. The Directorate also undertakes environmental monitoring to ensure compliance.

  • To be the best in environmental management that ensures a clean, healthy, secure and sustainably managed environment for the residents of Turkana County.

  • To safeguard, restore and enhance the quality of the environment through supervision and coordination of all matters relating to environmental activities in Turkana County.

    • Excellence and Professionalism
    • Result oriented
    • Efficiency and effectiveness
    • Integrity
    • Proactive
    • Sensitivity and responsiveness
    • Courage of conviction
    • Teamwork and partnership
    • Creativity and innovations
    • Accountability and transparency
  • Strategic Goals Strategic Objectives Strategic Outcomes
    Supervision of environmental management and quality standards through development and enforcement of  EMCA and other  regulations Act to protect conserve and improve water, land, air and biodiversity for all. The Environment Protected, Conserved and Improved
    Coordinating statutory environmental committees under the Environment management and Coordination Act (EMCA) of 1999, which are multi-stakeholder groupings responsible for policy making and implementation up to the local level. Work with EMCA Institutions to create a better environment for all Environmental governance to create better environment improved
    Coordinating environmental  programmes in other lead agencies to enhance mainstreaming of environmental concerns in sectoral  planning strategies and action plans Coordinate  and enhance harmony of approaches by diverse stakeholders to promote sustainable development Sustainable development through enhanced harmony of approaches by diverse stakeholders promoted

    The Directorate of Environment is constructing Plastic Collection and Re-use Centre at Lokaparaparae in Township ward where plastics will be managed sustainably. The project completion stands at 25%.The purpose of this project is to control the plastic waste in the county through re-use. The Project will target youth, women and people with Disability. The County Government will train beneficiary of the project on basic re-use techniques.


    The Directorate successfully commemorated World Wetland Day on 2nd March, 2018 where 500 people were involved in Namukuse Beach clean -up and sensitized on beach protection and wetland conservation.  The Ministry also marked World Environment Day on 5th June 2018 in Lodwar Town, Kakuma and Lokichar where the Department sensitized 600 people on plastic waste management and planted 1420 tree seedlings.


    The investors, contractors and residents were reminded to adhere to the Environmental Management Plan detailed in the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management System so as to keep adverse effects as low as reasonably practicable and enhance the environmental attributes. The Directorate achieved this by conducting 194 Environmental Inspections which mainly focused on construction works, sand harvesting and quarrying, agriculture, petrol stations, garages, Hotels, riparian zones and Twiga 1 temporary waste disposal site.15 improvement orders have been issued since the begging of FY 2018/19 to reserve the environmental uncertainties observed during the environmental inspections. The Department of Environment will continue to inspect various premises to ensure compliance to County and other Environmental laws.


    The County Government of Turkana together with Tullow Oil established an engagement frame work through formation of various sub-committees whose mandate is to share information regarding the development of the project as well as address matters of mutual importance. The TCG/Tullow Environment sub-committee managed to meet 9 times from the start of 2017/2018 to date in Lodwar to review the state of County Environment and formulate the way forward. In such meetings, the deliberations comprised waste management in oil fields, occupational health and safety, water source for full field oil development ESIA issues for EOPS, operational update and other related issues.


    Environmental Sensitization/Education is critical in enhancing a deeper understanding of environmental issues and developing community skills to make informed and responsive decisions as far as the environment is concerned. The Directorate of Environment conducted 193 Environmental sensitizations where the Community was sensitized on all aspects of environment i.e. plastic waste management, noise pollution control, air pollution, water pollution, land contamination and ESIA studies. The sensitizations have proved successful hence more will be prioritized.


    The department of Environment is one of the major lead agencies in environmental protection. It is compulsory that EIA is done before the onset of development projects and report submitted to NEMA for approval considering the comments of lead agencies. In pursuit of ensuring that there is sustainable development that preserves the pristine state of environment, the directorate as a major lead agent reviewed 228 Environmental and Social Impact Assessment reports and timely submitted feedback to the authority (NEMA) for further action.


    Noise regulation is one of the devolved function as articulated in EMCA 1999 (Noise & Excessive Vibration regulation 9 “Parties and social events” and regulation 16 (1) – (4) on Noise emission licensing as well as COK 2010 (Fourth Schedule).The directorate of Environment issued 30 noise permits to noise generators including night clubs, learning institutions, church crusades/revivals and advertising entities. The noise permits ensure that facilities adhere to noise regulations as per EMCA and also serves as source of revenue to Turkana County Government. The Department of Environment will continue to enforce Noise regulation to discourage irresponsible noise generation.


    The formulation of this policy is based on the requirement by Constitution of Kenya:2010 and the County Government Act,2013.Chapter 5 (land and Environment) of the constitution of Kenya in part 2 (Environment and Natural Resources) places an onus on the state ( and by extension on the County Government) regarding sustainable exploitation, utilization, management and conservation of environment. The directorate is finalizing the Environment Policy and Bill 2018. The draft document will soon be discussed by the cabinet and be forwarded to County assembly for approval. This County Environmental laws will guide us in protecting, conserving and preservation of the Turkana County Environment for sustainable development. The policy has taken CIDP into account.


    Turkana County Government will soon gazette County Environment Committee. The Committee is expected to spear head preparation and implementation of County Environment Action Plan 2018-2022.The members of the county Environment Committee will also include Public Benefit Organizations, Business Community, Pastoralists, Farmers, Women, Persons with Disability and Youth.


    Turkana economic sustenance is dependent principally on pastoralism, agro-pastoralism, fisheries, basketry, Charcoal burning, artisanal and small scale mining, a situation that makes it very sensitive to climate change. The Ministry initiated the development of Climate Change Action Plan which is supported by GIZ. The term of reference has been developed and a taskforce formed to steer the process. Moreover, AHADI Kenya promised to support the development of Climate Change Policy and Bill for Turkana County.