The Ministry of Water Services Irrigation & Agriculture is one of the ten ministries in the County government mandated to improve livelihoods of the people through promotion of competitive, innovative and sustainable livestock and fisheries development and management.

Joseph Emathe Namuar

Minister of Water services, Environment and Mineral Resources

Moses Napeyok Natome

Chief Officer

  • To be a lead agent in ensuring food security and portable water and income generation for poverty reduction.

  • To improve livelihoods through provision of adequate and quality water, promotion of agribusiness, food diversification and nutrition security in a conducive environment.

  • The ministry has implemented several projects which include construction of water pan and drilling of boreholes.

    Below is a summary of the projects:

    • Nakalale Borehole – Kerio Ward (Turkana Central)
    • Lolupe Borehole – Kanamkemer Ward (Turkana Central)
    • Elelea Borehole – Kanamkemer Ward (Turkana Central)
    • Kangirisae/Katiir water pan – Kerio Ward (Turkana Central
    • Natome Borehole – Nakoret Site Kerio Ward (Turkana Central)
    • Nangitony Irrigation Scheme – Kerio Ward (Turkana Central)
    • Equipping of Namadak water supply with solar system
    • Construction of Kalokol Water Pan – Kalokol Ward Kalimapus site (Turkana Central)
    • Drilling of Kalokol Borehole – Kalokol Ward (Turkana Central)