Mollen Onderi

Deputy Director Gender and Youth Affairs

  • To have a society which is free from violence, exploitation and discrimination based on sex where the fundamental rights of women are respected and a dynamic, self-driven and empowered Youth, building a globally, competitive and prosperous county

  • To undertake ,to design and implement policies and programmes towards promoting gender equality and equity and enhancing general welfare of women as well as to  pursue an enabling environment for realizing the full potential of youth towards building a competitive County.

    • Professionalism
    • Integrity
    • Accountability and transparency
    • Impartiality and gender equity
    • Creativity and innovativeness
    • Effectiveness and efficiency
    • Commitment and dedication to service delivery
    • Timeliness
    • Client focused
    • Youth and women Leadership and active participation in the development agenda
    • Talent identification, nurturing, life skills development and employment
    • Health , crime and security and substance abuse
    • Coordination, monitoring, evaluation and reporting
    • Youth and women economic empowerment through basic skills and Entrepreneurship development
    • Awareness creation on gender issues through women calendared events
    • Ensuring equal opportunity for girl and boy child through mentorship programmes
    • Youth and women access to government procurement opportunities (AGPO)
    • Strengthening of youth and women advocacy forums like maendeleo ya wanawake, county assembly women caucus
    • Safeguarding the rights and promoting the welfare of women and youths
    • Protection of women and youths against violence and abuse
  • Clients RI

    • SERVICES: Customers have a right to quality, prompt and satisfactory services from the department t
    • INFORMATION: Clients are entitled to complete, timely, relevant and accurate information on your rights and responsibilities
    • CONFIDENTIALITY: Customers information will be treated with utmost confidentiality and privacy it requires and used only for lawful purposes
    • COURTESY: Clients should be treated with courtesy they deserve


    Clients Obligation

    • RESPECT: Clients should give respect to county staff, maximum cooperation, and accord them freedom to carry out their lawful duties. County staff should not be intimidated, abused, threatened or influenced in any manner whether financially or otherwise
    • FEEDBACK: Customers are encouraged to give feedback on the quality of services provided to assist improve service delivery
    • PAYMENTS: Customers are encouraged to pay for services rendered promptly when required to do so
    • PROCUREMENT REGULATION: All suppliers and contractor are expected to observe rules and regulations on procurement of work, goods and services.


    Complains and reporting procedure

    Customers are encouraged to make genuine complaints and suggestions to the department addressing in person, by post, by telephone, fax, email, suggestion box or a customer care desk provided at the entrance