Benson Akol

Director Co-operatives

  • To be a leading agent for a globally competitive Co-operative Sector.

  • To promote and facilitate a sustainable and vibrant Co-operative sector for socio-economic development of Turkana County.

    • Promotion of new co-operative societies
    • Processing of application for registration
    • Carrying out co-operative inspections and investigations
    • Carrying out Training Needs Assessment for the co-operative movement
    • Market information dissemination and advisory services
    • Co-operative banking inspections (For SACCOs not carrying out deposit-taking SACCO business)
    • Co-operative risk assessment
    • Co-ordination and monitoring of co-operative indemnity by co-operative leaders.
    • Promotion of co-operative ventures and innovations
    • Co-operative extension and advisory services
    • Co-operative training, education and information
    • Co-operative dispute resolution
    • Carrying out certification audit
    • Carrying out continuous and compliance audit
    • Co-operative societies tax computation
    • Carried out co-operative education and training to 1,300 potential members in partnership with Lutheran World Federation, Action Africa Help International and Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
    • Presented the proposed amendments to the Turkana County Co-operative Enterprise Development Fund, 2016 to the Turkana County Assembly.
    • Inducted 16 newly recruited co-operative officers and 2 co-operative auditors
    • Promoted 13 New co-operative societies thereby increasing the number of registered co-operatives from 39 at the beginning of the F/Y 2017/2018 to 52 as at the end of the 4th Quarter of the F/Y 2017/2018
    1. Turkana Transport SACCO Society Ltd
    2. Lima Housing CS Ltd
    3. Nakeiton SACCO Society Ltd
    4. Lortit SACCO Society Ltd
    5. Angazamali SACCO Ltd
    6. Turkana West Integrated SACCO Society Ltd
    7. Choro Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd
    8. Ngakoriyek SACCO Society Ltd
    9. TUCOMA SACCO Society Ltd
    10. Echami Aito SACCO Society Ltd
    11. Kokenye Sand Harvesting Co-operative Society
    12. Kalobeyei Farmers Co-operative Society
    13. Pokotom Farmers Co-operative Society
    • Forwarded for registration 3 Proposed co-operative societies namely:-
    • HongKong Trust FCS Ltd
    • Al Noor SACCO
    • Turkana County Transporters SACCO society Ltd