Charles Lokioto Ewoi

Minister of Trade , Gender and Youth Affairs

James Lokwale

Ag.Chief Officer-Trade, Gender and Youth Affairs


The Ministry of Trade, Gender and Youth Affairs is one of the ten ministries in the County government mandated to execute and implement the activities that are geared towards improving the socio-economic development of Turkana people. As a ministry, our mission is to be a leader in spearheading a vibrant trade that is participatory and conducive, as this will be an avenue for poverty reduction and socio-economic wellbeing of the business community. Our dream is to scale to the heights of making Turkana a business hub where investors –both local and international, can invest and create wealth and employment opportunities to the people of Turkana and the region at large, since the objective of devolution is to promote social and economic development.

The Ministry strives to ensure Turkana County be the most preferred investment destination with a socio economically empowered populace arising from a robust mix of wealth generating commercial and industrial enterprises operating in a free, fair and responsible business environment.


  • To be a global leader in promoting a sustainable trade, investment, industrial & co-operative sector as well as championing for youth empowerment and gender equitable society.

  • Facilitate the creation of an enabling environment for a vibrant, global competitive and sustainable trade, investment, industrial & co-operative sector whilst ensuring and inclusive and equitable society.

  • The ministry has three departments;

    • Trade
    • Cooperatives
    • Gender and Youth Affairs
    • To promote trade, broaden export base and markets as well as undertake county branding.
    • To provide efficient support service-delivery for industrial and enterprise development.
    • To stimulate Industrial development through value addition and creation enabling environment for investment
    • To provide standards for industrial products and support of MSMEs
    • Promote co-operative sector development and improve governance and management for co-operative societies
    • To enhance empowerment and participation of youth and other vulnerable groups in all aspects of national development.
    • To promote socio-economic empowerment of men and women and enhance participation in community development.
    • To mainstream gender in all government and private sector and promote equitable socio-economic development between men and women, boys and girls.
    • To promote gender equality and freedom from discrimination in accordance with article 27 of the constitution of Kenya 2010 and Vision 2030
    • Theministry has conducted several enterprise development trainings for business community in 25 wards within the larger Turkana County.
    • The ministry has also conducted 2 cross border trade engagements with the neighboring countries of Uganda and Ethiopia and this has seen good trade relations with the neighboring countries. It’s also proposing to open up a market at the border of South Sudan
    • The ministry has facilitated the development of 23 business producer groups and two of these groups participated in the export promotion council export in Eldoret, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam (Tanzania)
    • Seven (7) modern physical markets infrastructure have been built across the county in the following areas- Lokori, Kalemung’orok, Katilu, Nakurio, Turkwel, Kalokol and Lowareng’ak
    • The ministry is also refurbishing the inherited market stalls from both the national government and the defunct municipal council and this enlist Lodwar markets, Lokiriama, Lokichar, and Kakuma
    • In the wake to promote trade and investment – had the 1st ever Trade fair and investment conference in October 2015 at Ekales Center in Lodwar town.
    • The ministry participated in the several Meetings Incentives, Conference and Exhibitions (MICE) this is a product of KICC that aims at decentralizing meeting and conference to Counties. Turkana has been identified by KICC to be a beneficiary of this product and has an MOU with the later.
    • The Ministry through its weights and measures department has continuously been doing verification of weighing and measuring equipment in all the wards and business centers in the entire Turkana County. This is to ensure that the accuracy of the same is maintained for the purposes of consumer protection and fair trade practices.
    • The weights and measures department has procured mass and volumetric standards for verifying, measuring and weighing purposes.
    • The Ministry has revived 3 co-operative societies namely Loyopo SACCO, Turkana Fishermen and Katilu farmers.  In Loyopomembers have started savings activities again so as to lend to their members despite having been dormant for a long time.  Turkana fishermen members are reorganizing the operations of the society to recover from many years of dormancy.  Revival meetings were held at Kaptirand Lokichaggioto revive the two societies
    • The Ministry has registered 4 new co-operative societies namely; Turkana County Sacco which will accord staff working in Turkana and the business community an opportunity to save and get cheap credit, Lokipetot irrigation farmers in Lodwar township, Kanana irrigation farmers in Turkana south, AtodukoLobokat sacco in Lobokat ward.  There is increased awareness on the role and importance of co-operative societies by the residents of Turkana County.  This has developed an urge to form new co-operative societies and seek information on the same.
    • The Ministry has conducted value addition trainings for Turkana handicraft co-operative society to enable them come up with quality products. This will lead to improved products development and adoption of new design in basket making and increased prices for commodity.  In Katilu FCS members were trained on bulking of their produce to fetch high prices arising from bargaining advantage. Value addition training were conducted in Morulem to enable members adopt bulking of produce for better prices.  In Kakumalima Sacco members were trained on new product development to enable the society offer new products and improve service delivery.
    • The Ministry has conducted members’ education for Lomidat multipurpose co-operative society, Lokubae co-operative, morulem co-operative, and Lokichoggio multipurpose where a total of 645 members attended.  This has led to active member participation in co-operative affairs because of knowing their rights and obligations.  They now keep their leaders on toes which is desirable trend in the co-operative movement.
    • The Ministry has developed strategic plans for Turkana teachers Sacco, Turkana fishermen co-operative, Katilu co-operative, morulem co-operative, Turkana bodaboda Sacco and Kakumalima Sacco, Lokichoggio MPCS, AtodokoLobokat SACCO, Lokubae irrigation farmers’ co-operative society ltd.  This will lead to improved performance as the co-operatives have a tool to guide performance and also in monitoring and evaluation of activities.
    • The Ministry has conducted training for managers and treasures where 34 participants attended from all co-operatives in Turkana County. This will lead to timely quality reports.  Trained management and supervisory committees in: – Lodwar builders co-operative society, Lokichoggio multipurpose Cooperative Society, KakumaSacco, Turkana BodaBoda Sacco, Napeikar irrigation CS, Napeililim housing CS, Napak irrigation CS, Turkana Teachers Sacco where 118 members were trained.  This will lead to timely implementation of activities and accountable leadership.
    • The Ministry has held Annual General Meetings in Turkana Fishermen co-operative society, Turkana Teacher SACCO, Kakumalima SACCO, and Lomidat multipurpose co-operative society where elections were conducted and new officials elected.  Women and youth have been elected into leadership bringing a lot of energy and transparency.
    • The Ministry has done final audits in 7 co-operative societies namely; Turkana Teachers sacco, Turkana
    • In the arena of regulation and policy the ministry has completed the following bills and policies;
    • Biashara fund bill and policy– this is aimed at functionalizing the disbursement of loans to the business community across the county for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This financial year 2015/2016 the ministry has set aside KES 60 million for this purpose. The bill is at floor of the county assembly awaiting approval.
    • Cooperative Enterprise Development Fund bill and policy – This is to aid in the disbursement of KES 40 million to revive and strengthen the cooperative sector, this will act as a boost and loans to the 33 cooperatives societies across the county. This bill is awaiting the approval of the county assembly.
    • The weights and measures policy– this has been completed and will guide in the way the businesses adhere to the verification and standardization of weighing instruments to enhance proper consumer protection and curb counterfeit products in the market.N/B: Several other bills are in the development stage such as trade and investment bill, hawkers bill and markets.


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