Director culture

    • Construction of two community cultural centers; Ekalees Cultural Centre and Lokiriama Peace and Cultural Centre. The latter done in collaboration with IOM
    • Constructed County Public Library
    • The County Participated in the Inter-County Regional and National competitions in 2015 held at Kapsabet and Kisumu City respectively
    • 141 Cultural groups registered with the State Department of Culture
    • Mapping of Turkana County sites and monuments; Namorutung’a (Kalokol and Lokori), Losagam and Lokori Rock art
    • Establishment of Turkana Council of Elders; 73 members registered
    • Fencing and erection of the Statue of the Nariokotome Turkana Boy Monument in collaboration with Turkana Basin Institute together with National Museums of Kenya
    • Gazettement of Nariokotome site as a National Monument
    • Coordinated annual cultural event (Tobong’u Lore) for the years; 2014, 2015, 2016, 2018
    • Formation of National Traditional Health Practitioners Association (NATHEPA) Turkana County Committee

    Drafted County Policy on Culture, Heritage and the Arts and a Bill on Management of Ekalees Cultural Centre