Pauline Ngoli Pusiye

Deputy Director Natural Resources

  • To be globally competitive in Forestry and Wildlife management, development, protection and conservation

  • To promote and facilitate a sustainable and vibrant eco-system to develop, manage, protect and conserve flora and fauna.

    • To sustainably manage forest and wildlife resources for socio-economic and environmental benefits for intergeneration.
    • To establish strong institutions and elaborate structures to enhance productivity and efficiency (Planning and development)
    • To sustainably manage forests and Wildlife for social, economic and environmental benefits.
    • To increase productivity of industrial forest plantations and enhance efficiency in wood utilization
    • To promote sustainable management of forests and tree resources and wildlife in the Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs)
    • To develop and maintain essential infrastructure for Effective forestry and wildlife management, protection and conservation
    • To promote national interest in relation to International Forest related Conventions Agreement and principles
    • To promote community enterprises and diversification of revenue streams from forest products.           
    • To monitor and evaluate the implementation of this strategic plan.
    • Protection and gazzetement the unprotected game reserves.
    • Establishment of community conservation areas within the counties.