Pauline Pusiye

Director Natural Resources

    • Management and utilization of invasive species; reclaiming 13 Ha of Prosopis Infested area in Lake Zone, controlling growth of Prosopis and increasing availability of Prosopis products for domestic use and income generation. Charcoal, firewood and building materials from prosopis species. The county is collecting a revenue of Kshs 2.2M per month from charcoal and firewood while the community retains an income of Kshs 6.6M.
    • Mapped and did contextual analysis of natural resources in Turkana County
    • Mapping and gazettement of Loima indigenous forest. Developed an integrated management plan in collaboration with Kenya Forest Service, community and other stakeholders
    • Aerial and ground mapping of Lotikiipi Game Reserve and flora and fauna species
    • Operationalization of 29 tree nurseries has been successful with cumulative production and distribution of 333,802, and 108,526 tree seedlings respectively
    • 22 Community Forest Association formed and registered to aid in the management and conservation of forests
    • Developed and signed an MOU on how the wildlife resources shall be management at Turkana South Game Reserve between Turkana County Government and Kenya Wildlife Service
    • Developed Natural Resources Policy and Bill submitted to cabinet for approval
    • Developed, in partnership with Kenya Forest Service, and signed Transitional Implementation Plan for forestry devolved functions
    • Trained 65 community wildlife ranges, in partnership with Kenya Wildlife Service, at the Kenya Wildlife Service paramilitary training college, Manyani
    • Identified, mapped, surveyed and protected one arboretum in Lodwar Town, in partnership with Kenya Forest Service, and tree planting in major towns is ongoing
    • Identification of non-wood forest products – feeds, gum and resins and aloe vera – for livelihoods completed
    • Promotion of agro-forestry through establishment of one agro-silo-pastoral technology demonstration plot in Turkwel
    • Provided wildlife conservation education and extension services of which wildlife conservation meeting conducted with Turkana South, Turkana West and Turkana North