Julius Wasama Lokaale


Christopher Losuru



The directorate of Inspectorate is a newly established department within the ministry of Public service, Administration and Disaster Management. It is charged with a critical role of making county government work towards achieving its goals and objectives.

The core mandate of the directorate is enforcement of compliance by managing county regulations and by laws, it carries out monitoring and implementation of all county regulations and other acts within its competences, the directorate also manages prosecutorial process in line with county legislation, carries out environmental supervision over waste management processes and procedures. The directorate in its secondary role, supports the national government in county traffic control and public safety and security among other duties that maybe assigned to the department by the county government.


The enforcement officers who form the operational team for the directorate since devolution has been under the directorate of administration. There are proposed activities and one of them to officially hand over the enforcement officers to the directorate of Inspectorate. The enforcement officers have successfully supported the county government operations in the following; enforcing of county laws and regulations, supported the department of revenue in collection of revenue within Lodwar township and sub-county cess offices, they continuously protect county facilities and installations ( Ward administrators offices, Ministry of Finance, County Headquarters, Ministry of Lands), provided event safety and security services (Tobong’u Lore festival, County governments meetings “Barazas”, national public holidays). In all the events handled, cases of insecurity and public disorder were very minimal or no major incidences were reported.

In the month of January 2019, the inspectorate directorate undertook the following activities, carried out a risk assessment for the new county headquarter complex. The report of the assessment is detailed in the monthly departmental reports. Key areas pointed out by the risk assessment of the Complex include; the perimeter wall lighting plan, Safe havens, evacuation plan, the CCTV layout plan, water systems, Installation of fire-fighting systems, an integrated security systems plan, security threats posed by the private settlements surrounding the complex. The gaps and threats are detailed in the report submitted as a departmental monthly report.

The Inspectorate directorate in its plans for the month of February wishes to send out its senior officers on a benchmarking tour to Nairobi County, Mombasa County and Kakamega County. The team will focus on the following key area;

  • Directorate Operating legal framework (Policies, plans, regulations, guidelines, SOPs);
  • Directorate Operations (Integrated communications systems, zoning, formations, deployments);
  • Directorate Administration (Uniforms, special equipment, Discipline, Leave and off days, transport and general welfare of the enforcement officers);
  • The Directorate linkages with other agencies and departments (Internally and externally with the National Government agencies, County government and with private sector);
  • The structure of the Inspectorate Directorate (its operational units, Special services-fire, traffic marshals, marine)
  • County Court (procedures, prosecution of offenders and handling of the property and offenders) and linkages with the Directorate;
  • Trainings (Training Academy, structure and operations of the academy, Courses, cadres, academy calendar) for the Directorate;
  • Ceremonial duties undertaken by the Directorate;
  • Recruitment criteria and processes of officers;
  • Budgeting process for the Directorate;
  • Directorate Relations with the Public and sectors.

This tour will give the department an opportunity to adopt some of the best practices from the identified inspectorates. This is supposedly meant to give the directorate a chance to set in place its legal frameworks, plans and all that is required for it to fully roll out its services and enable the county government to meet its targets.