Joshua Napoco

Director Administration (Field Administrative Services)

    • Coordination of county government public service reforms and oversee service delivery in the devolved units and departments as per the County Government Act 2012 and other existing statues;
    • Initiating, interpreting, implementing and reviewing administrative policies, strategies, procedures and programmes;
    • Ensuring compliance with the National values and principles of good governance as outlined in article 10 and 232 of the constitution of Kenya;
    • Coordinating and facilitating public participation in the development of policies, plans and delivery of services and providing effective feedback;
    • Mobilizing communities, non state actors and other stakeholders in governance and development process;
    • Providing appropriate platform for alternative dispute resolutions (ADR) mechanism in resolving public complaints;
    • The government has purchased Ward vehicles to facilitate county government activities and programs. This has also been instrumental in facilitating communities in various fronts.
    • The government has established the ward and sub county offices as focal point of service delivery in the decentralized units.
    • The department has established mechanisms for management of the field administrative units’ fleet. This is important in enhancing preventing maintenance among this fleet.
    • The department has constructed thirty (30) offices equivalent to the thirty ward administrative units. This is accompanied by equipping of all the necessary equipment and furniture. This is expected to enhance service delivery in the county.
    • The department has institutionalized periodic and consistent statutory reporting by the ward administrative units. This is expected to provide an overview of the government progress in the said service delivery units.
    • To enhance visibility and government presence and in tandem with the spirit of devolution, the county government has designed uniform for county administrative officers.
    • In the spirit of enhancing service delivery in all levels of county government; the government has formulated the Turkana County Village Administrative Units Bill, 2018. The bill will see the establishment of one hundred and fifty six (156) village units and councils.
    • The county administrative officers are the focal persons for public participation in their respective units. This has been instrumental in disseminating government agenda in the devolved units.
    • The department has adopted the career guidance for county administrative officers for succession management of its cadre of officers.