The Ministry of Agriculture, Pastoral Economy and Fisheries is mandated to improve livelihoods of the county residents through sustainable development and management.  Pastoral Economy is unquestionably the largest livelihood provider is the vast rural areas of the county thus innovative extension services are frequently carried out. Mainly by the shores of Lake Turkana, fishing is an important income generator while agriculture, concentrated along River Turkwel and irrigation schemes, continues to play a significant part in getting the county food secure.

Philip Aemun

County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture,Pastoral Economy & Fisheries

Abdullahi Yusuf

Chief Officer-Fisheries,Livestock and Veterinary

Dr.Jacob Natade Lolelea

Chief Officer-Agriculture and Land Reclamation

  • To be a lead institution in Management and Development of Livestock and Fisheries resources for socio- economic development of Turkana county.

  • To improve livelihoods of the people through promotion of competitive, innovative and sustainable livestock and fisheries development and management.

  • Key Priorities for MTEF 2020/21- 2022/23
  • .Improve land productivity for crop production, agribusiness, mechanization, agri-nutrition and climate smart

    • Promote agricultural and Fisheries market linkages.

    • Reclaim Land and enhance its productivity in order to support both human and livestock populations.

    • Revitalize existing irrigation schemes while promoting water saving irrigation technologies

    • Promote sustainable land use practices and environmental conservation

    • To safeguard human and animal health and improve livestock trade.

    • To Improve livestock and fisheries production and productivity

    • Extension, Research and dissemination of information

    • Development and formulation of policies and legislations for the sector

    • Enhance sustainable exploitation of fisheries resources

    • Nakoret Sale Yard – Kerio Ward (Turkana Central)
    • Kangatotha Animal Saleyard – Kangatotha Ward (Turkana Central)
    • Lokichar Feed Store – Lokichar Ward (Turkana South)