Esther Kiyonga

Acting Manager Lodwar Municipality

Overview Location and Size Lodwar Municipality is located within Turkana county, Turkana central sub-county along the A1 road from Kitale to Lokichoggio. It is 55km west of Lake Turkana and 305 km north of Kitale and 219 km south of Lokichoggio. The Municipality has area coverage of 706km2. Geographically it lies between 02 North 36 degrees East. As part of the Great Rift Valley, Lodwar lies in a plain punctuated with hills and inselbergs in an arid and semiarid environment with scattered shrubs. The area experiences high temperatures throughout the year between 20 and 38 centigrade and receives minimal rainfall, 200mm and 500mm annually, mainly in the months of April to August. In terms of drainage, the area consists mainly of seasonal lagers except for River Turkwel which drains into Lake Turkana. Historically, Lodwar which was founded in 1919 as an army base of colonial Government also served as the administrative headquarters of the former Turkana District. In 1939 it became an administrative centre for the British Colonial government to facilitate the administration of the vast remote North Western Kenya region. In 1993 Lodwar was elevated to an Urban Council and thereafter to municipality status in 1997. After the repeal of local authority act cap 265 and with the inception of devolution, urban areas and cities act amended 2019 recommend a town qualifies to be a municipality if its population is more than 50,000 and less than 250,000. It also qualifies to be a special municipality if it is the headquarters of the county despite not meeting the population threshold. Lodwar having a population of 58,218 as per the 2009 census results met all the conditions and was conferred municipal status on 22nd December 2018. Before the devolved system of governance, the municipality was composed of six civic wards namely Borabuyong, Kawalathe, Napuu, Kenyatta, Kanamkemer and Natotol, supporting a population of 58,218 as per the census results of 2009. The municipality currently is composed of two wards namely Kanamkemer and Lodwar. Lodwar mainly functions as a commercial centre serving other centres in the Northern parts of the rift valley. Commercial activities include retail and wholesale shops and hotels. It is also the headquarters of Turkana County, one of the largest counties in the country.

  • An economically prosperous municipality where citizens enjoy equal opportunities, access to services and resources.

  • To facilitate socio-economic transformation through sustainable use of resources to ensure high quality of life for the residents of Lodwar Municipality.

    • Professionalism
    • Integrity
    • Partnerships