Jane Ajele

County Executive Committee Member for Health & Sanitation

Augustine Lokwang

Chief Officer-Health and Sanitation


The Ministry of Health Services & Sanitation is one of the ten ministries in the County government mandated to deliberately build a progressive, responsive and sustainable technologically-driven, evidence-based and client-centered health system for accelerated attainment of highest standard of health to all Turkana residents.

  • Key Priorities for MTEF 2020/21- 2022/23
  • A healthy and productive County

  • Offer high quality and sustainable health services to Turkana County residents and promoting an alcohol and drug free environment.

  • • Improve waste disposal (supply and installation of Standard Incinerator) and infrastructure (TB Manyatta fencing and electrification; casualty and OPD drainage works completion and overhead tank installation and piping accompanying piping; procurement of laparoscopic tower for LCRH) at LCRH

    • Fencing of vulnerable rural health facilities
    • Construction of subcounty medical stores to ensure storage of medical supplies at the subcounty levels
    • Acquisition of 100 fridges under standard expanded program on immunization
    • Improvement of health mobility services through staggering of purchase/acquisition of fully equipped ambulances (2), utility vehicles (1) and trucks (1) per year within the MTEF period.

    • Continuous advocacy with key stakeholders in the budgeting process to ensure priority areas are supported before the budget is passed.

    • Reduce the effects of alcohol and substance abuse through conduction of related counselling sessions, formation of alcoholic anonymous groups, construction of rehabilitation centers