Jane Ajele

County Executive Committee Member for Health & Sanitation

Dr.Roberts Eloto Abok

Chief Officer-Health and Sanitation


The Ministry of Health Services & Sanitation is one of the ten ministries in the County government mandated to deliberately build a progressive, responsive and sustainable technologically-driven, evidence-based and client-centered health system for accelerated attainment of highest standard of health to all Turkana residents.

    • Lorugum sub-county hospital – Turkwel (Loima)
    • Construction of Nakurio dispensary – Kerio ward-central
    • Natuntun dispensary – Turkwel ward (Loima)
    • Monti dispensary – Township ward (Turkana central)
    • Construction of Longech dispensary – Kerio ward-central
    • Construction of Kalokol dispensary – Kalokol ward- (Turkana central)
    • Construction of Lowuae dispensary – Kerio ward (Turkana central)
    • Nakiria dispensary – Kalokol ward (Turkana central)
    1. Equipment for the new facilities.

    The Department is procuring various medical equipment for the new and existing health facilities. This will increase the demand for the health services as comprehensive services could be provided across the 7 Sub-counties and operationalizing the new facilities.

    1. Recruitment and posting of 413 new staff.

    Various cadres of medical specialists have been recruited by the department and posted to the health facilities and operationalizing the new facilities and reducing the staffing gaps that hindered service delivery from the department.

    1. ICCM training

    20 centers of excellence have undergone ICCM training for diarrhea and malaria treatment. This will reduce morbidity and mortality rates across the sub-counties caused by the two diseases.

    1. Construction of 30 new facilities.

    The department has awarded tenders to construct 30 new health facilities in in all wards in the county. This will increase the scope of the provision of health services across the county.

    1. LCRH-Flagship project

    The Lodwar District Hospital is one of the flagship projects that was to be upgraded to Lodwar County and Referral Hospital. Intensive Care Unit and HDU are being constructed and going forward, this will reduce the number of referrals from the county.

    1. Community Led Total Sanitation

    Funds have been allocated to reduce Open Defecation in the county from 86% to 70%. This health promotion will be triggered in 30 villages and initiate sinking of pit latrines.

    1. County Strategic HIV/AIDS plan

    The Department has drafted a roadmap that will give guidelines on how to tackle HIV/AIDS in the county and improve the social sectors.

    1. Nutrition

    Nutrition is being undertaken in a multi-sectoral approach that will incorporate the various stakeholders to combine efforts to increase the nutrition levels in the county and hence a healthy residents.

    1. Vehicles

    The department has procured three vehicles to improve service delivery in the county. Now, every sub-county has a vehicle that will facilitate the medical officers across the county.

    1. Directorate of  Medical Services
    2. Directorate of Preventive and Promotion health.
    3. Directorate of Lodwar county and referal hospital
    4. Directorate of Administration
    5. Directorate of Medical Supplies