Governor Of Turkana County

I salute the sovereign people of Turkana County for entrusting me with the mandate of forming the first Turkana County Government in the new Constitutional dispensation. Indeed, that trust has been a burden ever since I embarked on this journey and what forms the fulcrum of my priority everyday on this job is how to strive more not to betray it. For me therefore, it continues to be a privilege to serve the great people of Turkana. I take this opportunity to congratulate them all for standing to be counted in the race for development.

Turkana, today, is an investment haven, a tourist destination of choice, the toast of development partners and a reference point in good and responsive governance because we have confronted headlong the critical questions of development and stagnation.

Even though we cannot claim to have reached the promised land, we certainly have left the stage of arrested development, cluelessness and despondency. As Turkana County Government, our focus is clear, our direction is unambiguous. It is a determined move to development, stability, better lives and growth.

As a County, we may not have had much to celebrate when Kenya clocked 50 years since independence, but that is history now, we cannot afford to continue living in the past. Let us look at the brighter side of the 50 years. Through the Constitution, devolution was born. Turkana County Government, is a dream-come true. So, let us count our blessings and focus on sustainable development by pulling together.

Kiyok iyong ilope ka ngitunga Luche lu irukito ka iyong Kiwapak eger Lo echamakina ,Protect yourself & others!
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