Elizabeth Limagur

Director Governor's Press Service

Governor’s Press Service Department work involves developing and implementing the governor’s press communication strategy and serving as the point of contact for media seeking information about the governor and the governor’s programs. It generally keeps the Turkana County residents up to date with the latest news surrounding TCG and its administration.

It is headed by the Director of Governor’s Press Service and has additional staff who specialize in media type or specific issue areas.

An effective communications strategy, grounded in solid media relations and managed by talented press staff, will help the governor communicate his priorities to the county residents and ultimately leave office remembered for his accomplishments.

  • General Functions
  • Functions of Press Department
    • Providing strong and effective management of the governor’s news to the media
    • Overseeing drafting of governor’s speeches, press releases and talking notes
    • Planning and covering the governor’s activities and relay to electronic and print media
    • Maintaining a database of news and information on the governor
    • Any other duties that may be assigned by the governor
    • To improve relationships by involving the Governor, top management and staff in internal and external communication
    • To maintain consistency of reports from the office of the Governor to the public through media

    This also covers:

    • Internal communication
    • External communication
    • Media events (press conferences, press statements)
    • Handling media queries

    Official spokesperson