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Turkana Governor’s Press
LODWAR, 23 October 2019 – The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has been commended for its adaptation of stakeholder engagement in strategy formulation.

Governor Josphat Nanok said the new strategic approach which is based on open engagement with stakeholders in the public, private and civil society sectors was key to ensure ownership of programmes.

“I am glad that in this new way of strategy formulation, residents have been given an opportunity to contribute to the planning of programmes and is in line with the constitution of Kenya which requires that public participation be done in planning for programmes meant for the public. Consultation with all the stakeholders is fundamental for projects to be owned by the people and ensure the sustainability of investments,” he said.

The Governor was speaking today during County Consultations for USAID strategy development in Lodwar. He assured that public participation in planning was central in County Government formulation of plans, policies and legislation including the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) and County budgets.

He urged all development organisations to align their strategic plans with the CIDP which he insisted contained the development aspirations of the Turkana people, and was the development blueprint to guide all investments both by government and partner organisations.

He assured USAID’s Deputy Mission Director Patrick Wilson of the County Government’s commitment to further partnership, to complement efforts and provide joint oversight to ensure investments meet development objectives of the CIDP.

On the implementation of Kalobeyei Integrated Socio-Economic Development Programme (KISEDP), the County boss urged partners to deliver on commitments on funding of the project, with underwhelming resources mobilisation reported after 18 months. He revealed that overall funding level for KISEDP was at 46 percent with funding on thematic areas in line with the Big Four Agenda below 30 percent.

USAID’s Deputy Mission Director Patrick Wilson said the goal of foreign assistance under the programme was to end reliance on aid by supporting Kenyans to be self-reliant.

He said USAID was visiting all the 47 counties to consult with stakeholders and gather views which will guide development of its new strategy which will define the organisation’s work in Kenya and its focus for resources through the Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS).

“We know different counties have different needs and we want to hear from you on the needs and obstacles to those needs, as well as what you are willing to commit to meet those needs,” he said

He presented a model of sustainable societies which are built on strong interdependence of the state, private sector and civil societies, all performing their unique responsibility with a strong balance of power.

The Governor was accompanied by County Executive for Finance and Economic Planning Robert Lotelengo.


Turkana Governor’s Press
LODWAR, 20 October 2019– Governor Josphat Nanok presided over celebrations to mark the 10th Mashujaa Day, at the Ekaales Centre in Lodwar town.

Addressing Friday floods which caused destruction in parts of Lodwar town and other areas along River Turkwel, the Governor commended speedy response by a team of responders from the County Government and partners who had rescued residents whose homes had flooded and saved many lives. He however urged residents who had settled on riparian lands to move to safer areas to avoid losses as was witnessed recently.

The Governor assured that repairs on water systems on boreholes that had been broken down by the floods had begun, with four supplying water to Kanamkemer completed by today evening. He said water trucking will continue to areas where repair of borehole will take longer, including the Lodwar County and Referral Hospital (LCRH) and large sections of Nakwamekwi.

The Governor revealed that a joint disaster management team comprising County and National Government and partners was engaged in emergency response for those affected and that an ongoing rapid assessment will advise further support.

In his official speech, the Governor highlighted development progress made by the County Government in the transformation agenda For Turkana.

He announced that plans for the modernisation of Lodwar fresh produce market will be halted in the aftermath of raging floods on Friday, which caused massive destruction to the market and other shops next to the facility. He told residents that launch of market days for Lodwar, Kakuma and Lokichar Livestock Markets that was to be held on Friday had been postponed to a later date within this month.

He urged for understanding on employment opportunities within the County Government as the budget was stretched with priority given to special skills where there was shortage of personnel.

County Commissioner Wambua Muthama admitted that the floods witnessed on Friday were unprecedented and disagreed with claims that construction of gabions along the banks of River Turkwel would have prevented the flooding.

He echoed the Governor’s calls for settlement to be moved to higher grounds away from riparian lands to avoid losses witnessed when it floods. He repeated warnings that anyone attempting to cross River Kawalathe when flooded will be arrested and charged with attempted suicide.

County Assembly Speaker Erastus Lokaale said the Assembly’s passage of Punguza Mzigo Bill was in spirit of democracy provisions and promised that the house will debate and condider all other proposals in a free and fair manner.

He told residents that the floods had shown that climate change was real and asked that the County Government speed drafting of Disaster Risk Policy and Bill for passage to allow allocation of resources to help victims of natural disasters.

Turkana Central MP John Lodepe commended the Governor for the County’s response after the floods. On his part Senator Malachy Ekal urged for better preparedness from both tiers of governments to address natural disasters.

Others who spoke include Members of County Assembly James Ikeny (Kanamkemer) and Willy Nalimo (Kapedo/Napeitom).


The new Head of Kakuma UNHCR Sub Office Ignazio Matteini today paid a visit to Governor Josphat Nanok at the County Government Headquarters and held talks on the continued partnership in the implementation of the integration programme of refugees and host community.

Speaking in the meeting, the Governor emphasized on the need to for partners involved in the implementation of the Kalobeyei Integrated Socio-Economic Development Programme (KISEDP) to develop an implementation strategy ahead of next year’s review of the first phase of the implementation.

He welcomed the HSO to Turkana County and expressed hope that the cordial working relationship between UNHCR and the County Government will continue on KISEDP and other partnerships geared towards improving livelihoods of host community and refugees.

“I am glad that we continue to partner on KISEDP which is a major homegrown initiative on refugee support with a focus on empowering the host community. Here we work as a team and we hope that you too are a team player,” he said.

The Governor assured Mr. Ignazio that County Departments had been delagated the authority to collaborate with UNHCR and other partner organisations in their respective areas of specialisation to ensure fast response and easier decision making on issues affecting the community. He reiterated the County Government’s willingness to work jointly in projects implementation and find solutions to challenges which arise.

On his part the HSO expressed his commitment to work with the County Government and other partners for the realization of the objectives of KISEDP and acknowledged that he was aware of the efforts the Governor had put in the initiave. He assured of his support in the coordinating the push for funding to KISEDP and balance with his responsibility as head of the sub-office.

Part of areas to further coordination, the HSO said, was in solving conflicts between host and refugees like witnessed last July to prevent negative international image of the refugee operation in Turkana West. He assured the Governor of his support for other development programmes of the county and willingness to work with all government institutions.

Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro asked the HSO to intervene and eradicate reported cases of child labour within the camp, involving children from the host community. County Secretary Peter Eripete pushed for inclusion of County Government representatives at the Sub-County level in programme implementation.

Other senior County Government officials in attendance were County Executives Emathe Namuar (Water Services, Environment and Mineral Resources), Robert Lotelengo (Finance and Economic Planning), Chief Officers Dr. Lolelea Natade (Education, Sports and Social Protection), Abraham Losinyen (Agriculture and Land Reclamation), Dr. Robert Abok (Health and Sanitation), Gladys Arika (Administration and Disaster Management), Chief of Staff Ekuwom Nakiporo, Directors James Lokwale (Trade)and Charles Ekai (Resource Mobilisation).

The HSO was accompanied by Associate Field Officer Akaran Napakiro.


Households in Katilu and Turkwel Wards are set to benefit from a five year programme aimed at addressing causes of malnutrition through improved access to quality health services and better food security.

Governor Josphat Nanok launched the Improved Approach to Community-based Nutrition (IMPACT) Programme, a partnership project by Africare, funded by Bayer Fund the philanthropic arm of German multinational life science company, Bayer.

IMPACT is a five-year programme which will invest Sh500m to “increase access to capacity of health facilities to screen and treat children diagnosed with acute malnutrition, educate mothers and community leaders on nutrition, establish household and communal gardens and ensure access to quality water through construction and restoration of boreholes”.

Speaking at the launch, Governor Nanok said food security and nutrition programmes such as IMPACT were investments into changing the face of Turkana from a region commonly associated with acute hunger to better food security. He said great strides had been made through devolution but the region still had to grapple with effects of global change.

He added that the implementation of the Turkana development goals as contained in the CIDP required more resources than what is available through budgetary allocations, a gap that had to be filled through strategic partnerships with both development partner organisations and the private sector.

“Over the last seven years, 70 percent of our development resources have gone to Water, Agriculture and Health sectors, the need remains big. Both the national and County Government we cannot meet these needs at once and that’s why we value the partnership to fill these gaps,” he said.

He commended Africare focus on households and cited statistics by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) that 52.1 percent of households in Turkana are headed by women, as reason for additional support for households.

The Governor insisted that the County Government’s food security effort included investment into commercial food production in partnership with the private sector as well as support to increase livestock production with residents of the county predominantly pastoralists.

On his part, Bayer Fund East Africa CEO Mitchell said: “The Bayer Fund began strategically to address global impact of malnutrition and food security among children in 2016. Through our partnership with Africare, we are hoping to improve nutrition outcomes for more than 25,000 Turkana children under the age of five and their mothers.”

Africare Chief of International Program Evelyn Simmons said the organisation had a long history of working in Africa and had come back to Kenya with an aim to support government in fighting food scarcity, malnutrition and hunger. She appreciated the support from Bayer Fund and urged for close coordination with the County Government.

The programme has adopted a multisectoral approach through involvement of the Agriculture, Health and Water departments with County Executives Chris Aletia, Emathe Namuar and Jane Ajele assuring of strengthening collaboration for the success of the project.

Members of County Assembly James Abei (Katilu) and Stephen Edukon (Turkwel) too expressed their commitment to support the implementation of the project which would change the livelihoods of their constituents.

Senior County Government officials in attendance included County Attorney Erastus Ethekon, Chief Officers Abraham Losinyen (Agriculture and Land Reclamation) and Moses Natome (Water Services), Chief of Staff Ekuwom Nakiporo, Director Medical Services Gilchrist Lokoel, Acting Director Resource Mobilisation Charles Ekai among others.


County HQ, September 26th, 2019 – A new Turkana County Public Service Board (TCPSB) has been sworn into office today.

In a ceremony presided over by Governor Josphat Nanok at the County Government Headquarters, the five board members and Secretary to the board took oath of office to replace the former board whose contracts expired on August 14.

Speaking during the event, Governor Nanok congratulated the members and declared the board as fully constituted to undertake duties which include developing and implementing human resource policies and framework, and other HR issues for the County Government according to relevant laws.

“The oath you’ve taken is based on Chapter Six of the constitution- on leadership and integrity of public servants- will require that you be accountable both individually and collectively, to the decisions you take.

“We expect that the Board will exercise its ability to get the right people to deliver services to the Turkana public,” he said adding that the board was part of the Executive arm of the County Government and not an independent entity.

Sworn in today were Board members Pauline Akiru, Vonwilly Etiir Nalengo, Mjr (Rtd) Dr. Daniel Nawose Ingolan, Erastus Ekidor Ngala, and Edward Ezekiel Losinyono; and Bartoo Jelagat (Secretary/ CEO).

He appreciated the role of the recruitment panel chaired by Mark Ekaale for following the law; the County Assembly for approving the nominees and the members of the previous board.

The County chief admitted that the board finally had a qualified Secretary/CEO after six unsuccessful recruitment attempts. Mrs. Jelagat who served in a similar position in Elgeyo Marakwet County, is a qualified public secretary as demanded by law. He insisted that the competency requirement was the reason the recruitment panel picked Jelagat as no resident of Turkana met the qualification.

The Governor reminded the board that they were required to serve all residents of Turkana without discrimination or favour based on where they come from. He said the new board members, who will serve on a part-time basis, had the responsibility of recruitment of a workforce to take the County to the next level, building on the work of the previous board.

On his part, Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro implored on the board to exercise the highest forms of professionalism as expected in the implementation of the transformation agenda of Turkana County. County Secretary Peter Eripete welcomed the board to the public service.

County Attorney Erastus Ethekon reminded the board that the oath was a solemn and sacred promise which all public servants were bound to abide by. Panel Chairman Mark Ekuam commended members of his team who were present, for “being diligent, professional and true to their task” in the course of the recruitment process.

In the ceremony were TCPSB Chairman Dr. John Ng’asike, CECMs Robert Lotelengo (Finance and Economic Planning), Charles Lokiyoto (Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources), Jane Ajele (Health and Sanitation), Emathe Namuar (Water Services, Environment and Mineral Resources), Dr. Anthony Apalia (Lands, Energy, Housing and Urban Areas Management) and Patrick Losike (Education, Sports and Social Protection), Chief of Staff Ekuwom Nakiporo and a host of Chief Officers and other senior County Government officials.


Moroto, September 19th, 2019 – The agreement on joint collaboration to promote peace and development along the Kenya and Uganda border has been termed as a new dawn for the Karamoja and Pokot communities which have witnessed conflicts over resources in the past.

The Memorandum of Understanding for Cross-Border Peace and Development was signed yesterday by Devolution Cabinet Secretary Eugene Wamalwa and Uganda’s Minister for Karamoja Affairs John Byabagambi in Moroto, Uganda and witnessed by Presidents Uhuru Kenyatta and Yoweri Museveni.

Governor Josphat Nanok led a delegation of Turkana elected leaders, Senior County Government officials to witness the event that also drew leaders and residents of West Pokot County led by Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo and host Karamoja district.

President Uhuru highlighted the role the pact will play in the development of the region. He said: “This agreement will help us ensure long-lasting peace for our people. It is not only about peace but sustainable development.”

President Museveni said his government had initiated development programmes in Karamoja district after a successful disarmament had rid the region of illicit arms and brought to an end perennial conflicts. He added that President Uhuru shared his zeal for an “Africa without border”.

Governor Nanok has commended the two Presidents for the support towards the realisation of the deal which was mediated by the United Nations (UN). He has declared the deal as a breakthrough in cross-border peace efforts and fruits of an investment by his administration and local governments along the border.

The two leaders had earlier yesterday visited the Kobebe Dam which serves livestock from both the Turkana and Karamoja pastoralists. President Uhuru who was accompanied by Water CS Simon Chelugui announced plans by the government to establish similar water facilities on the Kenyan side. He thanked the Ugandan government for allowing Kenyans to graze peacefully and utilise the facility.

The Governor has also underlined the importance of the MoU in improving the existing cross-border trade through Turkana.

Accompanying the Governor were the First Lady Margaret Nanok, Speaker of the County Assembly Erastus Lokaale, County Secretary Peter Eripete, CEC’s Chris Aletia (Agriculture, Pastoral Economy and Fisheries), Jane Ajele (Health), Emathe Namuar (Water Services), Esther Lokwei (Public Service and Disaster Management), Charles Lokiyoto (Tourism), County Attorney Erastus Ethekon, Senior Advisor on Security, Peace and Borderlands Initiatives Augustine Lokwang among others, Gender Advisor Susan Aletia among others.


The business community has been advised to take advantage of market opportunities emerging from the rapid economic and infrastructural development of Turkana County.

Governor Josphat Nanok has advised Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to be innovative to exploit existing markets and termed the courage to explore new opportunities as the basis of the creation of industries.

Speaking when he opened the second edition of the Turkana Business Exchange Forum and MSMEs Expo, at the Lodwar Vocational Training Centre, the Governor said developing a conducive environment for trade and investment was key in his agenda of the transformation of Turkana.

“Like other counties in arid Kenya, we began with the basics of health, water and education at the start of devolution and trade took a backseat to these priorities. However, our investment in the sector which includes infrastructure including markets, the introduction of the Biashara Centre concept and passage of key legislation have supported the growth of the business environment,” he said.

The Governor said he was impressed by local enterprises showcasing products at the expo and advised them to provide cheaper alternatives to the local market’s reliance on goods from outside the county. He insisted that Turkana had authentic products such as traditionally preserved meat with a long shelf life which needed to be introduced to the market.

He commended partners Lundin Foundation, TechnoServe, Tullow Oil, International Financial Corporation (IFC) and Invest in Africa who partnered with County Department of Trade to establish the Business Exchange Forum, for providing a platform for MSMEs to develop networks, dialogue and learn. The County boss said private sector involvement was key to unlocking business opportunities contained in the second generation CIDP.

Governor Nanok added that the County Government’s cross-border engagements with breakthroughs such as the Kenya-Uganda cross-border peace agreement were meant to end the conflict to allow trade and movement to the benefit of the county. He said further market opportunities will develop through the Frontier Counties Development Council (FCDC) and the North Rift Economic Bloc (NOREB) Turkana was part of.

He revealed the County Government was planning to exploit huge agribusiness potential by setting aside land for commercial agriculture, which will also provide an opportunity for potential farmers to learn from experts in the sector.

Additionally, the Governor announced that the County Government had begun the process of settling pending bills, with constituting a second Pending Bills Committee to verify remaining bill of over Sh700m.

Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro said Turkana County strategic location as a gateway to other countries in the East African Community was ideal for the growth of the region as an economic hub; with more businesses translating to additional revenue for the County Government.

County Secretary Peter Eripete said the two-day forum was an opportunity for local investors to acquaint themselves with laws and regulations needed to do business with the government. On her part, CEC for Trade, Gender and Youth Affairs Jennipher Nawoi said her department and partners efforts to provide market linkages would serve as a motivation for production by enterprises.

Tullow’s Business Performance Manager Bernard Mwaura highlighted the companies investment in developing enterprises most of which are women-led and the role they played in encouraging more local MSMEs to take part in upstream oil and gas industry. Others who spoke include Invest In Africa Country Director Wangechi Muriuki, IFC’s Local Supplier Development and Strategic Community Investment Specialist Gosia Nowakowska-Miller.

Other senior County Government officials in the event included CEC’s Robert Lotelengo (Finance and Economic Planning), Charles Lokiyoto (Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources), Esther Lokwei (Public Service and Disaster Management) and Chris Aletia (Agriculture, Pastoral Economy and Fisheries), Chief Officers Rosemary Nchinyei (Trade, Gender and Youth Affairs), Dr. Michael Eregae (Livestock and Veterinary Services), Ariko Namoit (Roads and Transport), Director for Trade James Lokwale among others.


County HQ, September 17th, 2019 – Development partners engaged in the implementation of development projects have been urged to strengthen coordination with County departments to ensure the sustainability of programmes.

Speaking during a briefing of Kenya Livestock Market Systems programme an activity under USAID Kenya’s Feed the Future Initiative, Governor Josphat Nanok called for a structured investment of donor funds using the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) as a guide for effective development.

The USAID delegation was led by Chief of Party JF Beauchesne.

LMS which begun in 2017 seeks to strengthen pastoralists’ resilience, reduce poverty, hunger and undernutrition by among others, developing livestock-related businesses, diversifying livelihoods and improving access to capital.

The Governor called for the core of LMS funding to support his administration’s objective of commercializing livestock production through better linkage with external markets and investment to improve standards of products from Turkana to meet the demand of external markets.

He decried the fact the livestock sector in Turkana remained the least marketed despite having the largest population of livestock in arid Kenya.

As part of the investment by the County Government to improve standards of livestock products, the Governor highlighted the multiplication and breeding centre in Lomosogol; and livestock holding ground in Napeililim projects which are nearing completion. He directed the County Livestock department to establish market days which will be gazetted.

Mr. Beauchesne briefed senior County Government officials led by the Governor on the progress of projects under LMS and urged for support from the County Government to ensure sustainability and have the successes replicated across the county.

On his part, Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro commended LMS focus on ward development but urged for better monitoring for effective investment of funds meant for Turkana to achieve set goals.

USAID’s Senior Director, Resilience and Growth Kavita Chambery assured of LMS commitment to promoting self-reliance through local ownership of projects as part of measures to ensure the sustainability of the investments.

In the meeting were County Secretary Peter Eripete, CECs Chris Aletia (Agriculture, Pastoral Economy and Fisheries) and Emathe Namuar (Water Services), Chief Officers Dr. Michael Eregae (Livestock and Veterinary Services), Gladys Arika (Administration and Disaster Management), Moses Natome (Water Services) Joshua Lemuya (Lands), Abraham Losinyen (Agriculture and Land Reclamation) Pauline Lokuruka (Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources) and Dr. Lolelea Natade (Education, Sports and Social Protection).


Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro has called on residents to turn up in large numbers and present themselves for enumeration in the upcoming national census slated for later this month.

The census, he said, would determine the share of national cake that Turkana County will receive in future as part of devolved funds from the national budget. He warned that failure to take part would lead to slashing of funds and end up denting development plans meant to benefit residents of the County.

Speaking in Lokitaung during the funeral ceremony of the late Ruth Erukon, the Deputy Governor highlighted County government development plans that included ongoing construction of a theatre at Lokitaung Sub County hospital and planned upgrading of the existing  mortuary which he said would save residents from incurring cost of moving to Lodwar to seek treatment. He promised further support for the hospital to add to the vehicle allocated to the facility in April.

He blamed the recent uprising disease like hypertension and cancer to changing of lifestyle and modern foods that he said were laced with chemicals.

He assured that the County Government has procured enough drugs and was in plan to increase and build houses for medics within the facility so that they can stay around their station of work and attend to locals.

On referendum debate that has dominated national discourse, DG Lotethiro said that he together with other   leaders will guide residents on the best path for the region to chart on proposed amendments the constitution. He urged residents to live together in peace to speed development of the area.

Cabinet Secretary for Mining and Petroleum John Munyes called for unity among residents of Turkana North sub-county saying it was key to development of the area. He said that he and Members of Parliament are working with Governor Nanok and other county leaders to support implementation of development.

The late Mama Ruth Erukon Lojao 73, was eulogized as devout and caring christian who was instrumental in starting and construction of the Lokitaung Catholic church.

Senior County Government officials present included Deputy County Secretary Robert Loyelei, County Director for Medical Services Dr. Gilchrist Lokoel, Culture and Heritage Advisor Boniface Korobe among others.

Members of County Assembly present were led by Deputy Speaker Michael Ewoi.


Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro has called on the Standard Media Group to improve its presence in the Turkana to boost media coverage of the second largest county in Kenya.

During a meeting with the senior management from the media company, the Deputy Governor pointed out that although the Standard’s Radio Maisha was popular in the county additional investment was needed to increase presence of the electronic media through KTN and the print media through Standard Newspaper.

He said this would call for establishment of a bureau office and additional equipment to cater for the vastness of Turkana.

“We would really like to see Standard Group set up a studio in Turkana, in order to have an independent media with professional reporters so that the reporting can be objective,” he said. 

He proposed that the County Government and SMG come up with a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to formalize the partnership in a bid to increase coverage of Turkana affairs that he maintained was still limited; and to highlight development progress made through devolution, as well as challenges faced.

Speaking on behalf of the Group CEO, Head of Corporate Affairs Charles Kimathi, said that the media group was looking to partner with Turkana County Government for better precence on the print and electronic media platforms.

“We would like to improve our working relationship, address any concerns and explore partnership opportunities,” he said. “And also listen and understand what Turkana County needs from us as a media partner.”

County Secretary Peter Eripete, requested the editorial department of Standard Media to maintain the accuracy and balance of news reports published. He urged the media to facilitate the reporters sent to the ground to ensure they maintained their objectivity independence.

The County Executive Committee Member (CEC) of Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources Charles Lokioto acknowledged the long relationship between the Standard and the County through coverage of the Turkana Tourism and Cultural Festival Tobong’u Lore since its inception and echoed the calls for formalisation of the partnership.

This 5th Edition of the festival is expected to start on the 14th to 17th August, 2019.

Head of Editorial Department Ochieng’ Rapuro admitted that the County’s potential as a Tourist destination and the successes of devolution and implementation of flagship projects needed better coverage which would be achieved through strengthening of relations to increase presence of the media house.

The DG also raised the issue of training their reporters, offering internship opportunities to Turkana County students and CSR opportunities to the community.

Also in attendance was John Emeripus (Director of Public Communication), Jimmy Nzivo (Commercial Manager – SG) and local Standard Media Group correspondents.