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Governor Nanok and CS Balala agree on partnership to boost tourism and conservancy in Turkana

The National and County Government have committed to partner to grow the Tourism industry in Turkana and strengthen conservation of national parks and reserves found in the county.

Speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Governor Josphat Nanok in his office at the County Headquarters today, Cabinet Secretary for Tourism and Wildlife Najib Balala agreed that Turkana had a great potential on cultural tourism which requires better recognition and support from the national government.

The CS recognized Turkana’s appeal lies in the rich cultural heritage, fossil discoveries on human evolution and the largely unexplored beaches of Lake Turkana.

“Turkana has beautiful resources that are yet to be developed. There is need for strategic development of these resources into an appealing product that will attract more visitors with a promise of great experience,”

We have a national strategy through which we wish to open up the country for tourism and in Turkana If you connect the cultural tourism to the beach in Lake Turkana, have potential to rival Diani, southern Kenyan Coast,” he said.

The CS promised to constitute a joint team from his Ministry and the County Government to formulate a masterplan on growth of tourism through creation of a linkage of all its strengths. He said once the masterplan is developed, an investors’ round table will be called on its development.

On plans to establish a science park as a forum for exhibition of fossils on human evolution, the CS expressed the preference of the national government to establish the park in Turkana. He assured that the National Government will be fully involved in these plans and take lead in its implementation.

On his part, Governor Nanok called for national government support of the Tobong’u Lore Cultural Festival which had grown from a local event to a regional showpiece that was part of campaigns to strengthen peace and cohesion among communities through a celebration of culture.

He expressed his belief that better marketing of Turkana’s key tourism product of culture, archelogy and Lake Turkana will grow number of Tourists visiting the region and earn the country revenue.

He urged the national government to invest more in infrastructural development that will boost connectivity of Kenya to neighbouring countries- Uganda, Ethiopia and South Sudan

The Governor asked CS Balala to set plans for conservation to protect Lake Lokipi in Suguta Valley from expected increase in human activity due to geothermal power exploitation in the area. He said the lake carried a larger Flamingo breeding ground compared to Lake Natron in Tanzania that is a huge attraction for tourists.

In a meeting with representatives from the hotel industry in Turkana, at the Cradle Tented Camp, Governor Nanok called for support to be offered to the hospitality industry in Turkana to grow standards of services offered. CS Balala agreed to send experts from the Kenya Utalii college to hold refresher courses for hoteliers.

In the meeting were senior County Government officials led by County Secretary Peter Eripete, County Executives Jennifer Nawoi (Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources) and Robert Loteleng’o (Finance and Economic Planning)


UNHCR Special Envoy Mohammed Abdi Affey this morning paid a courtesy call on Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro in his office, and held discussions on the implementation of the integration programme of refugees and the local community.

Mr. Affey who was accompanied by head of UNHCR Kakuma sub-office Tayyar Sukru Cansizoglu, is on a tour Kakuma to familiarize himself with the organization’s operation in Turkana and understand challenges faced.

The DG assured the envoy of the County Government’s commitment to strengthen collaboration with UNHCR and other partners for the successful implementation of the Kalobeyei Integrated Social-Economic Development Program (KISEDP).

He added that joint investment in social services to benefit both the refugees and local community will cement peaceful coexistence and enhance acceptance of refugees.

On major projects planned, the DG called for speedy implementation and highlighted the Tarach dam project as central to solving the water shortage problem in Turkana West.

He termed Kalobeyei Integrated Settlement as a historic idea that would set an example globally on refugee support; as a model that catered for the welfare of the local community.

Ambassador Affey agreed that local community satisfaction on support offered was important for social integration to be achieved.

He commended the Turkana community for “showing immense generosity” and peaceful coexistence with refugees for 27 years, a situation he said had earned Turkana respect across the world.

In the meeting were Senior County Government officials including County Secretary Peter Eripete, Deputy County Secretary Robert Loyelei.
County Executives Charles Lokiyoto (Public Service and Disaster Management) and Emathe Namuar (Water Services);
Chief of Staff in the Office of the Governor, Ekuwom Lynus Nakiporo.


As stipulated in the fourth schedule of the constitution of Kenya 2010, Turkana County Government (TCG) endeavours to construct, maintain and manage county road network.

Through the County Ministry of Infrastructure Transport and Public Works, TCG is currently undertaking road maintenance works (Bush clearing, grading, gravelling, dozer works & drifts construction). This is a continuation of the routine maintenance of sub-county and inter sub-county road projects whose implementation in the county started last year and financed by the Road Maintenance Levy Fund (RMLF), a grant from Kenya Roads Board (KRB).

The RMLF project implementation in the county is divided in three phases. The first phase that entailed 20 projects covering 1087KM were implemented from July last year.

The County Government is now implementing the second phase that includes 31 road projects. These projects were advertised in October last year after which awarding of the projects to successful contractors was done on 19th December 2018.

Handing over of projects in the 2nd phase to the awarded contractors began on 11th January this year and so far, 27 projects have successful been handed over to the contractors to begin work. Projects that are yet to be handed over are, routine maintenance of 32KM Lomelo-Nadome road, proposed construction of 50M Lomelo-Nadome drift 1, proposed construction of 50M Lomelo-Nadome drift 2 and the proposed construction of 60M Lokineimoe drift- all in Turkana East. The delay in handing over the projects is caused by insecurity in the area that has made it difficult for ministry team and contractors to visit the sites. Once security is restored, handing over of the projects will be done.

Speaking at a handing over exercise of the 54KM Dogoron-Loreng-Nganorkirionok-Nakitongo-Kaalae road in Turkana West, Chief Officer (CO) Infrastructure and Transport John Ariko Namoit asked contractors to liaise with area chiefs and ward administrators to organise for public barazas with community members for briefing and sensitization on the projects before any work began .This he said would familiarise the community with the contractors and prevent any interference from the community once the projects commence since there will be a mutual understanding on the ongoing projects.

Currently the ministry is conducting inspection of ongoing projects with Minister Benson Lokwang and CO Ariko Namoit spearheading the exercise. Ministry Engineers in charge are engineer Simon Nakucho, handling projects in three sub counties namely-Loima, Turkana West, Turkana North/Kibich and parts of Turkana Central while Engineer Amos Lokalale takes charge of projects in Turkana East, Turkana South and parts of Turkana Central sub-counties .

Minister Lokwang has asked all contractors to cordinate with Kenya Power and Lodwar Water and Sewages Company (LOWASCO) to be guided accordingly in order to avoid any interferences with water and power lines as they work on the roads.

CO Ariko has urged all contractors to ensure warning signs, including reflectors that will guide road users at night are strategically placed at the construction sites as a safety measure.

Among the ongoing projects is the routine maintenance of 54KM Dongoron-Loreng-Ngamorkirionok-Nakitongo-Kalae road that connects Kenya to Uganda. Once completed, the road will boost trade activities between the two counties and also improve security along the borders.

Another project is the routine maintenance of the 44KM Moru Anayece-Letea- Kakuma road. This road leads to Moru Anayece monument where the Ateker communities (Turkana of Kenya, Toposa of South Sudan, Nyang’atom of Ethiopia and Karamoja of Uganda) meet annually to celebrate their peaceful coexistence brought by their legend Nayece.

To support the tourism sector, the County Government is working on the 2.7 Lobolo-Longelech road that leads to Lake Turkana which is a tourist attraction site ,with Eliye springs at the lake side also being a destination target.

Apart from the ongoing 31 RMLF projects, Lokichar river protection works that was also advertised in October last year was successfully handed over to the awarded contractor on 15th January. Mobilisation of tools of works at the site is ongoing. This project is aimed at reducing risks and damages brought by the river whenever it flows.

Turkana County Government is determined to achieve a sustainable infrastructure in the near future for effective and efficient transport across the county.


Governor Josphat Nanok today has called for harmonization of the various bursary kitties in the county to ensure fair and equittable sharing of funds allocated to all school- going students.

The Institutions seperate funding to individual students is becoming a big disadvantage to some students who are not accessible to them while others are paid more for their schools than they require.

Speaking during the County Bursary Disbursement for 2019 at Moi Gardens Stadium in Lodwar, the Governor said currently there are students getting more money from the multiple bursaries in the county while other get less or miss.
These Bursaries that include CDF, TCG, TUllow/ KCB, Mama Mzungu foundation, Equity Bank ( Wings to Fly) and co-op Bank have caused huge funding gaps due to unprocedural funds allocation on fees. There is need to pool the bursaries in order to get rid of funding duplication and ensure that every child gets a fair share.
A total of 16,235 students were beneficiaries of kshs 63M from the County Bursary Disbursement allocations.

Governor Nanok told education officers both from national and County Governments including other stakeholders to organize for a symposium to look into causes of poor performamnce of our schools in last year examinations. Most schools both primary and secondary recorded poor results that were below average.

Though the primary and secondary school management is a national government function, he said there is need for collective responsibility from all sectors and stakeholders to positively contribute to the success of these schools in examinations.

The recommendations from the Symposium will address issues of teachers shortage, puipils attitude and laxity to learn, parents negligence of their role of parenting their children, politics involved and way forward for better results this year.

He stressed for the need of our youth to join vocational training Institutions saying the negative attitude of our youth on technical courses has resulted into shortage of technical and professinal personnel and currently the teaching profession is the most affected by byunderstaffing.

Governor Nanok said, this year, his Government will take a deleberate and affirmative action on those students who will join tecaher Training Colleges and offer full scholarship.This will be an 100% incentive to encourage others to follow suit. At the moment, there more understaffed schools in the county for lack of teachers.

Again, the County government can not effectively role out the Universal Health Care accross the county due to lack of enough medical personnel to administer the programme at the Sub-county and Wards level.
He told the youth to diversify their future by building their careers and invesing in technical courses that are marketable. There is no need to wait for white collar jobs and miss opportunities.

The Governor also made an appeal to various sectors in the county, inlcuding leaders across the political divide, NGOs and development partners to join hands and channels funding to Turkana University College. The University currently needs sufficient funding to run its programmes.

The University require better facilities to attract more enrolment of students out of the county and help the locals cut cost of going out to look for higher education.

He added that there was no much that the University inherited from the former Maseno University and its our turn to give the University the neccessay support it deserves.


Governor Josphat Nanok has said the county government is committed to see the Lake Turkana zone beaches be our tourists destination and revenue earner.

The county government, he said, will endeavour to invest more in the promotion of beaches along the lake like Eliye springs to attract both international and local tourists to invest in the hospitality industry.

Speaking at Eliye springs kangatotha ward when he launched fibre glass boats distribution to the fishermen, the Governor stressed for the need of the local community to modernize facilities to boost fish trading along the lake zone to boost their income.

He told the lake zone community to engineer on better means on how to attract investors who will flourish their economy and minimize poverty levels that will later on trickle to the rest of the county.They were also told to make better use of the boats and purpose to gain more income for their families.There are about 150 whitesand beaches along the lake that will make Turkana county a tourists destination if better infrastructure is put in place.

The Governor revealed that the next phase of this ambitious projection will be the cage fishing which will largely benefit the fishing community through increased fishing harvesting.This will be coupled with provision of fish coolers for preservation.

The coolers will enable people to preserve fish to reach their desired markets that include Nairobi, Kisumu, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo among other markets to avoid wastage.

He cautioned those who will venture into cage fishing to do proper mapping and ensure to spare enough space for tourists swimming and holidaying.They should endeavor to make fishing easy and profitable to the locals.

Governor Nanok took the opportunity to urge the turkana people to fully participate during the national next year August Census telling them to dedicate that day for the count.This exercise,he said will be key determinant of how resources will be shared nationally.The national cake sharing will depend on the population and people should make it a priority on that day.

He called on enumeration clerks to ensure all people in our county are counted by going to the villages and especially to the far areas of the county.

Also present were members of the county Assembly led by the chairman of the committee on Agriculture, Pastrol Economy and Fisheries David Erukudi and County top officials led by County Secretary Peter Eripete


Governor Josphat Nanok has called on Turkana and Toposa to stop cross border conflicts along kenya and Sudan south fueled by cattle rustling and embrace peace.
The sporadic raids between the two communities in the last few months has led to loss of lives and livestock and must stop.

He said though earlier peace agreements entered into have not been implemented, security stability is paramount and must be sort for by all means. Peace and unity of the two communities for Peaceful co-existence should be the greatest concern of the Turkana County government and the government of Kapoeta State, South Sudan.

Speaking at Lokichoggio, Turkana west sub county today , Governor Nanok stressed that thorny issues touching access to grazing fields, recovery of stolen animals and putting up agreed social impact projects on schools, infrastracture, common trading markets to bring these two communities together must be pursued by both sides with zeal.

The meeting brought together leaders and kraal elders from Turkana county and those of Kapoeta State, South Sudan led by Governor Louis Lobong to chart away forward on the continued border conflict caused by cattle rustling among the two communities.

On his part, Governor Lobong lauded the cordial relations between the two governments despite this chronic practice of cattle rustling that has brought constant conflicts among the people. He said though there could be no permanent solutions to some problems, there must be away of handling them cautiously.
He said though South Sudan has remained a let down after the support from neighbors during the struggle for independence, the country has recognized her mistakes and is now in the process of implementing the peace Accord that has direct positive consequences to this border conflict.

In May this year, a new government of national unity will be formed that will bring all parties together and this will end the prolonged civil wars in South Sudan thus the Turkana and Toposa cattle rustling.

The government of national unity is also expected to ensure complete peace is restored, no cattle rustling and re-possessing of illegal arms from the likes of the two communities is a key factor.

This will bring a lasting peace solution to the two communities through disarmament and the reason for peaceful co-existence and will have been achieved.

Senator Malk told political leaders and kraal elders from the two communities to end these conflicts and engage on meaningful activities for development. He said other communities across the regions are a head in development but pastoralists communities are still in the business cattle rustling .

He called on the same leaders to bring on board professionals from both sides to be the ambassadors of people and take the message to the villages to reach the church included.

The senator also urged the peace meetings organizers to take them to the periphery where the perpetrators and gun owners are. These meetings in urban centers won’t help so much when those herders are not in attendance.

Also present were; Senator Prof Malik Ekal, Turkana west Mp Epuyo Nanok, Women Representative Joyce Emanikor, MCAs led by leader of majority Kobongin and security team led County Commissioner Seif Matata.

The TCG team was led by county secretary Peter Eripete.

The Kapoeta State, South Sudan team comprising of political leaders was led by Governor Louis Lobong.

Governor Nanok puts on notice underperforming County Government officers

Governor Nanok puts on notice underperforming County Government officers

Governor Josphat Nanok has put on notice County Government officers over underperformance and mismanagement of public resources.

The Governor has warned that there will be no room in his administration for poor service delivery to the Turkana public and lack of accountability in management of government funds.

Speaking when he presided over the swearing in ceremony of four County Chief Officers, the Governor said Turkana was still underdeveloped compared to the rest of Kenya and therefore called for better performance from public servants whose responsibility it was to implement the development of priorities of the County Government.
“It’s has become a norm that County Government officers come into office with expectations and promise to work for the public but end up only being of benefit to their families. Underperformance will not be tolerated, if you are unable to perform then you should find somewhere to hide,” he said.

The Governor insisted contract renewals of senior County Government officers will be based on performance and further urged the County Assembly to play it’s role in holding accountable officers who fail to deliver on duties of their offices.

He said the County full rollout of IFMIS in financial management and e-Procurement module was meant to enhance transparency and accountability in procurement process- procurement planning, requisition, sourcing, and payment.

He added that the County Treasury will streamline the system to tighten loopholes in misappropriation of public funds.

The four Chief Officers sworn into office today are Joshua Lojock Lemuya who take over the Agriculture and Land Reclamation docket; Pauline Lokuruka to head the Tourism Culture and Natural Resources department; Yusuf Abdullahi who takes over the Economic Planning department and Rosemary Nchinyei as Chief Officer for Trade, Gender and Youth Affairs.

The ceremony was attended by Turkana elected leaders which Governor Nanok revealed was a show of unity whose main agenda was the fight of the welfare of Turkana residents and to ensure resources from both the National and County Governments are put into better use to develop the region.

Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro welcomed new Chief Officers to government and urged them to be committed to service delivery. He echoed the Governor’s sentiments on the unity among Turkana leaders as a requirement for the region to speak in one voice.

Other leaders who spoke include Senator Malachy Ekal, Women Representative Joyce Emanikor, MPs John Lodepe (Turkana Central), James Lomenen (Turkana South), Ali Lokiru (Turkana East), Jeremiah Lomurkai (Loima) and Daniel Epuyo (Turkana West); County Secretary Peter Eripete, Leader of the in the County Assembly Bethwel Kobong’in as well as the Leader of Minority Benedict Lokamar.

Governor Nanok urges Community to commit to Peace as IG Boinnet assures of support for engagements

Governor Nanok urges community to commit to peace as IG Boinnet assures of support of engagements

KAKONG’U, 28 Dec 2018 (Governor’s Press Service)

Leaders from Turkana and West Pokot counties have reaffirmed their commitment to ensuring lasting peace along border with West Pokot and Baringo counties.

In a meeting held in Kakong’u, Turkana South sub-county today attended by elected officials led by Governor Josphat Nanok, a host of Members of Parliament from both counties and graced by Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet; all the leaders agreed to join hands to end cattle rustling-related  attacks and wanton killings.

In his remarks, Governor Nanok informed the IG of resolutions from a series of peace meetings between Turkana and Pokot leaders that include the return of stolen livestock and the identification of suspects involved in killings on both sides. He said the suspects had been identified by the community and all that was left was for the police to make arrests.

He expressed his appreciation for the involvement of the IG and security agencies in the peace process which he said was an intense exercise that called for investment of considerable resources and time from all stakeholders.

He said the four meetings on peace he had chaired in the subcounty in recent months was a show of the County Government’s commitment to ensuring peace and security prevailed for development to thrive.

The Governor insisted that investment in development projects in the area to benefit residents will contribute to cementing peace and make region appreciate the importance of unity.

He highlighted development of water system from the Turkwel dam to the oil fields in Lokichar which will benefit residents along the pipeline for domestic and livestock use as one of such projects.

On his part, IG Boinnet gave personal assurance and that of the National Police Service support for the peace process in the entire North Rift region as part of his primary goals set before he took over office.

He promised to deliver on an initial pledge to empower peace committees working to end conflict along the troubled border and said he will push for the inclusion of the committees in the Peace Building and Conflict Resolution mechanism of the Interior Office.

The IG informed residents that investigations into recent murders in the area were at advanced stage and assured that the culprits will be brought to book.

Turkana South MP James Lomenen while expressing his support for the peace process urged the communities to avoid violent resolution of conflict which he regretted had cost many lives and left communities involved at great loss.

He asked for registration of peace committees members into the National Police Reservist unit to enable them enforce peace and pursue stolen livestock.

His Turkana East counterpart Ali Lokiru urged for similar peace effort to address conflict at border with Baringo as well as all corridors with conflict in Turkana.

Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto who led other MPs from West Pokot called for passage of resolutions by end of the peace process that will adopt strict punishment of cattle rustlers and individuals convicted of murder.

Others who spoke in the meeting were Women Representative Joyce Emanikor, MPs Peter Lochakapong’ (Sigor) and Mark Lomunokol (Kacheliba), Turkana County Secretary Peter Eripete and Lobokat Ward MCA David Erukudi.


County Government launches restocking in Turkana East Sub County

LOKORI, 19 Dec 2018 (Governor’s Press Service)

The County Government yesterday launched a restocking drive that will benefit families extremely hit by droughts and raids in Turkana East.

Through the exercise by the County Ministry of Agriculture, Pastoral Economy and Fisheries, 570 goats and sheep were distributed to 95 households in Lokori/Kochodin and Katilia wards.

Speaking when he launched the restocking, County Executive Committee Member Chris Aletia said the County Government was committed to ensure success of the drive that’s aimed at replenishing the stock of communities that rely on livestock for their livelihoods.

He added that the restocking project will contribute to realization of one of Governor Nanok’s five development priorities of food security.

The CEC was accompanied by Kapedo/Napeitom MCA Willy Nalimo, Chief Officer Dr. Michael Eregae, Directors Chris Ajele (Livestock Production) and Dr. Benson Long’or (Veterinary Services) and a host of senior officials from the Ministry.


Turkana leaders united in the fight for community interest and development of County- Governor Nanok

LODWAR, 12 Dec 2018 (Governor’s Press Service)

Turkana elected leaders have agreed to adopt a bipartisan approach to community affairs, Governor Josphat Nanok has today revealed.

Speaking when he addressed hundreds of residents during Jamhuri Day celebrations at the Moi Gardens Grounds in Lodwar town, the Governor said new found unity was aimed to address the community’s interest through a united front.

“I commend this shared belief and conviction of the Turkana leadership in general that a united and focused approach to issues that matter to the Turkana people is the only route to greater success for us all,” the Governor Nanok said.

He announced after successive takes amongst themselves, the leaders had agreed to jointly hold dialogue meetings with residents in all subcounties from next year to ensure the county speaks in one voice and are united to exploit development opportunities.

Among key issues to be addressed through the unity was the upcoming census, debate over management of oil revenue and the protection of the community’s right to natural resources such as land, mineral exploration and production of geothermal power.

The Governor addressed insecurity at the borders and reiterated his commitment to lead community engagements between Turkana and West Pokot counties as well as Baringo to end conflicts that have been witnessed this year.

On international borders, he said the county government was strengthening cooperation with the national government, regional bodies such as IGAD to invest in peace dividend projects to end strife for limited resources that has been attributed to be one of the causes of conflict.

He assured that the County Government will encourage more partnerships and investment by creating conducive environment for businesses to thrive and create employment opportunities for the youth.

Governor Nanok called on the National government to distribute relief food that is  now available to benefit residents this festive season, which will be complimented by basic food items procured by the County Government and be distributed in January.

On his part, County Commissioner Seif Matata cautioned leaders against encouraging retaliation attacks for the killing of two professionals in Turkana South warning that this would lead to war where the greatest victims would be women and children.

He commended the leaders of Turkana and West Pokot for the commitment to peace and agreeing to hold joint peace meetings.

Other leaders who spoke include Senator Malachy Ekal, MPS John Lodepe (Turkana Central), Jeremiah Lomurkai (Loima) and a host of MCAs led by Robert Lowoko of Township.