Turkana County will be hosting the 4th Tourism & Cultural Festival from 19th-21st April 2018 at Ekalees Centre, Lodwar.The festival will showcase Turkana’s cultural heritage and diversity.
We invite interested exhibitors to participate in the event subject to satisfying the set criteria. Youth, Women, People with disabilities and other marginalized groups are encouraged to apply.
Expressions of interest should be submitted to the Tobong’u Lore Secretariat (Biashara Centre) by 12th April 2018.
For exhibition applications and further information call Purity on 0701264042 or email:

Tullow Allays Fears of Emergence of Crude Oil Black Market

By Governor’s Press Service

Tullow oil has moved to assure of security of oil exploration sites in Turkana after shocking reports of alleged developing black market of crude oil in Lokichar.

In a meeting with Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok and other senior county government officials today at the County Headquarters, Tullow Country Manager Martin Mbogo said that all Tullow installations where crude oil mined was stored was secure and expressed confidence that substance at the centre of alleged black market did not originate from any of the company’s sites.

“We have followed up on these reports and even sought to find and analyse samples of the material but have found none, but what we are sure of is that the substance did not come from any Tullow site where crude oil is produced. We are cooperating with the police and have also ensured that all our sites are under tight security,” Mr Mbogo said.

He informed the Governor that the social investment projects by the company that include health centres in Lokichar and Kasuroi will now be handed over to the County Government to benefit residents after conclusion of court cases that had stalled the handing over.

Governor Nanok said that there was need for better engagement among the parties including the National and County Government, Tullow and the community with the next phase of oil production expected to commence. He raised concern of uncertainty rising from standoff between the Natioanl and County Government over the share of oil revenue.

“The public and the County feels ignored on issues raised over oil exploration and there is the feeling that we have no control of the process after production. This standoff affected the early oil project. The four parties in this process need better consultation,” he said.

The Governor announced of plans to push for legislation on land ownership and documentation that will guide in compensation, a matter he said was as contentious as the impasse over oil revenue sharing formula.

Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro reiterated the importance of dialogue and community participation in programmes, a situation he said would lessen roadblocks and allow the contractor operate with ease.

The County Government has urged for fairness in staff layoff expected with suspension of drilling process, with Governor Nanok terming the matter delicate that needed to follow the law.

On waste management Tullow have informed the county that a team of environmental officers had addressed concern over waste disposal and had put mechanism to manage waste currently produced.

In the meeting were CECMs Jane Ajele (Health) and Esther Lokwei (Lands), Chief Officer for Energy Stella Opakas, Chief of Staff Abraham Losinyen, Advisors to the Governor Norbert Okumu (Legal) and Joseph Ekalale (Political).

US delegation visits Turkana County

Governor Josphat Nanok hosted the US Delegation at the County Headquarters and during the meeting, he shared some of the county’s key successes.
He mentioned the county has prioritized the following areas; health, water, food security, infrastructure and education. The latter focuses on early childhood education and vocational training.
The County Integrated Development Plan that was developed with other stakeholders; United Nations (UN), Non-Governmental Organizations and National Government outlines all these prioritized areas. It ensures that it is aligned with the key priorities of the County (the residents have identified), the UN Sustainable Development Goals and National Government. Therefore, any development partner or organization willing to work with the county is encouraged to use the same plan to align its projects.
One of the key innovations is “Delivery as One” which has seen the UN Agencies streamline their operations with the county. This successful program has seen 30 country representatives visit the county to learn more about it. Plans are underway to create a Multi-Partner Trust Fund that will assist the county access partner funds directly and hasten service delivery to the people.
Due to the instability in South Sudan, there is an influx of refugees. As such Kalobeyei Resettlement strategy offers a different approach to how refugee camps are set up. The host community and refugees are meant to co-exist to reduce the chances of conflict as experienced in Kakuma Refugee Company.
The Peace Building initiative, done in collaboration the National Government, has reduced cross-border conflict between Ethiopia and Uganda as communities look for pasture and water.
In the near future, the private sector will be engaged to play a larger role in tackling the youth unemployment challenge.

Investment Opportunities in Turkana County

Turkana, the County of the many resources, offers a huge potential for investments in uncounted promising fields, be it in transport, agriculture, the fishing industry, geothermal and wind power production, water bottling or housing and real estate business. The tourism sector is up for growth and ready for investments in the hospitality and catering industry to build much needed hotels, restaurants and conference facilities.

Turkana Annual Trade Fair and Investment Conference held in Lodwar

The forum showcases Turkana’s promising investments opportunities and the potential for mutually benefiting partnerships in the energy, finance, infrastructure and housing sector, as well as in agriculture, fisheries, tourism and cross border trade. Furthermore, Kenyan and global stakeholders and investors are welcome to attend rewarding discussions and meet respective decision makers from National Government, County Government and business organizations.

More details will be released soon. If you wish to receive updated information, send an empty email with Re: Turkana Trade Fair and Investment Conference to


Energy & Mining

East of Lake Turkana, the largest wind farm in Africa is under construction. On 20th October 2015, Google announced it will buy a 12.5% share of the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project, confident in the projects commercial viability, according to GRI (Global Risk Insights), a world-leading publication.

Costing over $700 million and sporting a capacity exceeding 310 megawatts, the project, once complete will comprise 15% of Kenya’s energy mix.

On the other side of Lake Turkana, in the west, the area has attracted international oil companies, such as Tullow Oil. Exploration activities uncovered 600,000 recoverable barrels of oil in 2012.

The area is already being transformed with the arrival of a large number of individuals seeking to profit on the back of oil discoveries, with some town’s populations having rapidly increased.

In addition, vast water aquifers have been discovered underneath the bone-dry region. This could provide a solution the area’s water shortages, potentially transforming livelihoods.


A haven for the Filming Industry

Thanks to its overwhelming vastness and diversity, an unspoilt nature and outstanding locations, Turkana County is a heaven for the filming industry as proven by past productions, the most successful of which was ‘The Constant Gardener’ that has reaped international fame.