Ksh 20 million Solar Project is launched in Lokichar town, Turkana County

On the road to a safer and well lit Turkana County

Lokichar Town in Turkana County is finally walking in the light after the launch of a 20 Million Shilling solar project. The project is expected to boost security and business. Ninety-five solar panel light poles have been erected on the roads of Lokichar Town.

The County Government of Turkana is planning to expand the solar street lighting project to other areas like Kalokol, Lokori, Kainuk, kibish and Lokichogio towns. This effort is meant to enable a safe 24-hour economy in Turkana County in the future to come.


Devolution Brings Hope to the residents of Turkana County

The adoption of a new constitution in August 2010, has radically transformed the structure, organs and functions of government in Kenya in ways un-imagined before. Central in this transformation is the establishment of County governments.

These deliberate efforts aimed at strengthening citizen participation is informed by a long history of centralized decision-making processes characterized by a lack of transparency and accountability leading to marginalization and entrenchment of inequality, poverty and ineptitude in governmental services delivery.

“Turkana, today, is an investment haven, a tourist destination of choice, the toast of development partners and a reference point in good and responsive governance because we have confronted headlong the critical questions of development and stagnation,” said H.E. The Governor Hon. Josphat Koli Nanok.

In Turkana, education received a big boost through increased bursaries. The building of more hospitals means that the residents of Turkana County now walk shorter distances to get medical attention and the ratio of health specialists to patients is now much higher.

Gains of Devolution for Turkana People

Gains of Devolution for Turkana People