Lodwar, 20th April 2022 (Governor’s Press Service)- County Secretary Peter Eripete has stated that the County Government will continue to strengthen partnership as means of resource mobilisation to develop Turkana County.

In meeting with a delegation from Nawiri and Mercy Corps led by Senior Vice President Programmes, Craig Redmond, the CS said the county will maintain its focus on joint planning, implementation, monitoring and implementation of partner programmes. He added that the County Government had upheld its transparency in coordination with partner organisation, including in financial contribution invested in programmes.

“We appreciate partners who have been key in our resource mobilisation efforts, to fill gaps in our development needs caused by the vastness and many needs in the county.

“As we have shown, we support co-creation, joint planning, implementation and monitoring. We don’t have a problem with partner organisations funding projects directly as long as they show commitment to work together and the project benefits the community and contributes to the development of Turkana, ” the CS said. 

To ensure partner programmes were aligned to County priorities, the CS said partner organisations in Turkana were heavily involved in ongoing development of the third generation five-year County Integrated Development Programme (CIDP). 

CS Eripete revealed that the county was committed to ensure the process was all-inclusive to collect views of all residents across the county. 

“To get the core priorities from the community we strive to go to the lowest administrative units. As a County that has experienced marginalisation, we persist to reach everyone to get views,” he said. 

On the drought situation, the CS insisted that the situation was dire and appealed to partners to find ways to further support county emergency relief response to benefit residents facing food stress and water shortage.

He recognised that different efforts by partners was contributing to build resilience, including support to livestock vaccination, water development, school feeding and cash transfer programmes. He stated that through partner support, Turkana was no longer the face of drought in Kenya despite the severe drought.

On his part, Reimond said Mercy Corps was committed to the partnership with the county for the success of projects implemented in Turkana. Chief of Party -USAID Nawiri Hussein Noor Abdille said all programmes implemented by Mercy Corps was to support the County Government achieve its development objectives. 

He added that the organisation was committed to transparency and adherence to coordination structures including joint monitoring and evaluation. 

County Executive for Agriculture, Pastoral Economy and Fisheries George Emoru said his department valued partnerships investing to make the dream of food security a reality. 

Chief Officer for Economic Planning Jeremiah Apalia appreciated Mercy Corps support in public participation for CIDP development. He said partner organisations’ involvement in developing the document was key to ensure the county got right priorities for the next five years.

Other officials in the meeting include Chief of Staff in the Office of the Governor Boniface Korobe, Mercy Corps Regional Director for Africa Granville Ross, Head of Lodwar Office Alice and Field Director USAID Nawiri Gabriel Ekuwam.