Residents of Methewan village in Kanamkemer ward, Turkana Central Sub-County have benefitted from a joint installation of yet another water tank by the County Department of Water Services and Blessed Community Empowerment a local CBO in a bid to ease the problem of water access in the area.

The installation which was handed over to the leadership of the areas’ Water Users Association on behalf of the local Community will increase water availability to the more than 500 families residing in the area.

Paul Lotum, Turkanas’ Assistant Director (Ag) for Water Services who attended the handing over on behalf of the County explained that the move was a strategic intervention by the County Government in respect to further reticulation of the Waters of the Napuu project which serves the area.

Mr. Lotum lauded the involvement of the Blessed Community Empowerment CBO for delivering a complete water storage system fully mounted on a stand and fitted with control valves for monitoring intake and off-take of water by the community.

While asking the locals to be on the lookout for unscrupulous persons with intentions to vandalize the system given the rapid urbanization of the area and increasing cases of theft and vandalism in the area, Imadis Ekuleu the areas’ ward administrator called on the local community to report such cases for immediate action.

On his part, Paul Erukudi, the program officer for BLEC CBO said that the donation was meant to improve the resilience of women and open up more opportunities for them to take part in alternative economic activities given the reduced time spent searching for water.

Erukudi explained that his organization would continue to partner with the County Government and other organizations to raise the profile of local women and girls through the formation of village-based Savings and Loans groups while at the same time prioritizing access to social amenities.

Vinson Ekai, the new Sub-County Water Officer for Turkana Central, Kennedy Ogutu (LOWASCO), David Ewoi (Kanamkemer village administrator) and Francis Locheria attended the handing over.