Lodwar, 2nd December 2021 (Governor’s Press Service)– Governor Josphat Nanok today delivered his 8th State of the County Address to the County Assembly, which focused on the progress made by the County Government in the eight and a half years of devolution.

The Governor stated that devolution had changed the narrative of Turkana, and that due to investment by the County Government residents have better access to basic services compared to 2013.

He expressed commitment to ensure the next administration inherited few incomplete projects and expressed hope that the Turkana electorate will elect an administration that will build on the foundation he had set.

“I wish to report the foundation for the development of Turkana set in the last eight and a half years is firm. In the remaining period of my term, I am committed to ensure that all development projects that we initiated but remain incomplete, are all concluded,” he said.

In health, he outlined development which began with establishment of basic healthcare services, to increase in health services to 207 facilities. This increase is attributed to the reduction in distance to health facility from 50km to 15km.

Number of Healthcare workers has increased from 266 to 1883, resulting in increased immunization coverage from 45.2 percent to 84.2 percent in 2021, reduction in HIV prevalence rate from 6.9% to 3%, increase in number of mothers seeking skilled deliveries from 25.2% to 65.1% among other positive indicators.

In the water sector, the Governor said the county had improved access to clean water through water projects including over 700 boreholes contributing to 54,000 households having access to piped water compared to slightly over 10,000 in 2013.

He stated that 60% of residents have access to water compared to just 39% in 2013.

In education, the County has established seven vocational training centres in Lokichoggio, Lorugum, Katoboi, Kaaleng, Lokichar, Lokori and expanded infrastructure of the Lodwar VTC. Number of trainees has increased from 111 in 2014 to over 2000 this year.

Public ECDE centres have increased to 937, contributing to increase in enrollment to 137,569 pupils.

He revealed that the county had disbursed over Sh1.4 billion through the skills development programme, which has benefitted 172,400 students across different levels of education

Other highlights include:

  • 47 irrigation schemes with land under crop production, resulting in an increase from 8,900 acres to 51000 acres of land currently with high crop productivity.
  • Mechanisation of agriculture through procurement of 13 tractors to increase land preparation
  • Improved livestock infrastructure, including construction of livestock market sale yards from 20 sale yards in 2013 to 38 in 2020, strategic livestock feeds stores from 1 in 2013 to 4 in 2020 benefiting 40,000 persons.
  • Support to fisherfolk through distribution of fishing gear and boats, three fish stores in Lowarengak, Nachukui and Kerio and established five (5) fish drying racks at Choro Island and Kaito. Increase in Beach Management Units from 6 to 30.
  • Completion of 23 resettlement schemes in regions across the county where insecurity and other disasters led to displacement of communities, in addition to four new schemes currently being undertaken
  • Established ward admin offices in all the 30 wards and recruitment of sub-county, ward and 149 village administrators to boost government presence in the grassroots.
  • On human resource, the county has employed 3,758 employees, an increase from 800 staff inherited from defunct county council and seconded from the national government
  • 14 markets established to boost trade, compared to just two in 2013.
  • On infrastructure, 5000km of roads have been upgraded and maintained with the county spending Sh1.2 billion.

The Governor was received at the Assembly chambers by Speaker Erastus Lokaale, and was accompanied by senior County Government officials led by County Secretary Peter Eripete.