The ongoing opening of access roads and back lanes currently underway in Napetet will be rolled over to Kanamkemer,  Nakwamekwi in the next one month and eventually to all areas designated as Municipalities in Turkana County, CEC Esther Lokwee has confirmed.

CEC Esther Lokwee in charge of Lands, Energy, Housing and Urban areas also revealed that the exercise had been successfully completed in Lodwar Central Business District in the 2018/2019 year as part of plan to open up and upgrade the designated seven kilometers radius Lodwar Municipality to the desired status.

“The program is a precursor activity which will pave way for proper land adjudication, issue of title deeds and upgrading of the land registry in line with the requirements of the National Ministry of Lands in Kenya” CEC Esther Lokwee remarked.

Noting that residents of Napetet had been fully engaged on the matter and sensitized on the need of the exercise, the CEC said that most residents had taken personal initiative to move away from the road reserves hence making the exercise much easier.

The CEC confirmed that the exercise was being conducted in consultation with the Lodwar Municipality Board in full compliance to the existing legal framework provided for in Urban and cities Act 2011 and other supportive legislations.

Esther Kiyonga the Municipality Manager welcomed the move and described it as long overdue for the purpose of undertaking land development and zoning duties in the Lodwar Municipality.

The manager added that lack of access roads was indeed a health hazard  undermining the capacity of the Lodwar Municipality in executing firefighting functions despite having a fire engine at their disposal.

The Municipality Manager reiterated that the exercise was being conducted professionally with a Multisectoral team consisting of surveyors, town planners, enforcement and machine operators with the ability to read and apply coordinates with expertise.

On his part, Kwaba Omwenga the Chief Public Health officer of the Municipality said that the opening of Napetet access roads and back lanes would significantly jolt the fight against rampant open defecation common in the area.

Mr. Kwaba noted that Napetet had remained an area of concern due to its bushy back lanes as other parts of the Municipality were quickly transitioning to Open Defecation Free zones.

Napetet residents who were reached for comments expressed hope that the exercise will not only improve security and access but also boost the areas’ potential for meat trade at Nakwalele.