Lodwar, 2nd October 2021 (Governor’s Press Service)– Turkana County Government and the Eastern Equatoria State have signed an agreement to allow upgrade of a stretch of road at border of Kenya and South Sudan.

Governors Josphat Nanok and Louis Lobong Lojore this morning signed a resolution to jointly support the continuation of works of the Nadapal River Section A1 Road, which is part of the Lokichar-Nadapal/Nakodok road upgrade.

The resolution affirms the two sub-governments’ commitment to the success of the construction, with the road key in plans to grow cross-border trade and movement of people between Kenya and South Sudan. With the signing witnessed by CS John Munyes and County Commissioner Wambua Muthama, the two governments committed to promote peace building initiatives, social cohesion and harmony among border communities.

Turkana County Attorney Erastus Ethekon facilitated the signing of the document.

They also resolved to jointly nurture and grow crossborder trade and movement of goods and services for benefit of the communities and economic development of Kenya and South Sudan.

The resolution also states the pledge by the two leaders to fast-track development of community social infrastructure in the border areas including provision of water, health facilities, market and access roads to benefit border communities. Present during the signing of the resolutions was Chairman KNCCI Pius Ewoton.

Later, Governor Lojore led a joint delegation of senior government officials from both countries to Nadapal to speak to officials and communities about the agreement and its implementation. During the meeting Turkana County Secretary Peter Eripete called on communities and officials to honour the agreement to upgrade the 1KM stretch of A1 road on Nadapal River that witnessed conflict in the past between border communities.

County Commissioner Muthama said that the Kenya Government was optimistic that the A1 road according to Engineers will be complete by February next year, with involvement of workers from both communities.

Governor Louis Lobong urged both Kenyan and South Sudanese Security agencies to draw a joint work plan to provide security to the road constructors.

Other Turkana County staff present at the meeting were Director for Public Administration Alexander Losikiria and Lokichoggio Ward Admin Echip Obeid.

National Government officials were County Police Commandant Samuel Ndanyi, CCI0 Peter Kimulwa, NDMA County Drought Coordinator Abdulkadir Hassan Jillo, NDMA Lodwar Office representative Josephat Lotwel among others. From South Sudan side were Kapoeta East MP Peter Lobei, Kapoeta East County Commissioner Abdallah Lokeno among other top South Sudanese officials.