Kankurdio, 5th September 2021 (Governor’s Press Service)– Governor Josphat Nanok has drummed support for new party UDA promising that the William Ruto-led party will empower local communities and contribute to develop Turkana.

Speaking in Kanrudio, Kaeris yesterday, during a cultural event, the Governor said he was leading other Turkana leaders to mobilise support for UDA and working towards a William Ruto presidency to ensure that the region was part of the next government.

The week long cultural event drew thousands of people clustered into sections from TW and Turkana North to commemorate Turkana culture and traditions. They are Angolol, Pelekech, Kankurdio, Moru Eris, Songot and Mongila.

Governor Nanok said the efforts were to ensure that the next government support the County Government to develop Turkana by investing in key sectors to improve livelihoods of residents, key among them address insecurity within the county and along international border, water challenges, invest in food security and protect local community share of oil benefits.

On succession for the County leadership, the Governor said that choice for the UDA gubernatorial aspirant will be through consensus among the four who have declared interest- Senator Malacky Ekal, Speaker Ekitela Lokaale and MPs James Lomenen (Turkana South) and John Lodepe (Turkana Central).

He explained that the choice to shift support from ODM was due to the party’s failure to appreciate Turkana’s support with zero benefit from the party leadership despite years of support.

He informed residents that discussion between the County Government and the Ministry of Defense and KDF for establishment of military bases in different areas was set to be concluded with a MOU signing. He said the move will address security along the border and assured engagement over land acquisition for the bases will continue to be transparent and consultative.

The County boss told residents that implementation of resettlement projects in regions affected by insecurity across Turkana will continue to support communities affected rebuild their lives. The projects are in Lotetelej, Kapetadie, Lokaabuk and Nakitong’o in Turkana West. In Turkana North they are in Todonyang’, Liwan, Natodomeri, Kibish and Loruth.

He told the gathering that deliberations on the demilitation of the South Sudan-Kenya boundary is in progress through a joint border committee with technical membership from the two countries and asked them to be ready to participate in the consultations.

He agreed that the integration efforts in Turkana West was bearing fruit, making the refugee humanitarian assistance beneficial to local community with projects implemented to benefit both communities. The projects include Sh600 million water project funded by the Danish Government implemented by the Water Sector Trust Fund, the Kalobeyei Integration Social Economic Development Progamme among others.

The Governor announced that the eye theatre set up in Lokitaung Level 4 Sub-County Hospital was complete and that he will commission the project early next month. He said the unit will ensure residents have access to specialist eye treatment and end need for referrals out of the county.

The project was supported by the Spanish Doctors to Kenya, a charitable organization where medical specialist volunteer through their Embassy to visit to offer free medical services.

Others who addressed the residents were MP Turkana South, James Lomenen, Rt.Hon Speaker for County Assembly Erastus Lokaale, Majority leader Bethuel Kobongin, MCA Patrick Napion (Kaeris), Turkana North Sub-County Administrator James Lobek among others.