Fifty-four rangers underwent an induction exercise, in accordance to the Human Resource Policy, which aims to equip employees with necessary knowledge to carry out their duties.

Directorate of Natural Resources is expected to redeploy and redistribute them to facilitate the county government’s efforts in the conservation and preservation of the various natural resources from human encroachment or destructive activities such as charcoal burning.
Turkana County Government has engaged the rangers on a two-year contract.

“Once deployed to the new stations, the rangers are expected to report to their immediate supervisor who is the Sub-county Admin,” said the County Executive Committee Member (CECM) of Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources, George Emoru.

CEC Emoru further added that any grievances can be solved through dialogue and following the laid out government procedures.
The Acting Chief Officer, Philip Lokaala reiterated that the rangers shall be reporting to Directorate of Natural Resources and any information that is to be shared will follow the outlined protocols.
The exercise also gave the rangers an opportunity to seek clarification on reporting lines, other assigned duties and responsibilities and new uniform issuance.

“The focus of the rangers will be on managing, protecting and conserving forestry and wildlife resources in the county. It is also expected that they will be monitoring and evaluating these resources as it is their mandate,” said Pauline Ngoli Pusiye, Deputy Director of Natural Resources.
James Eyen, the Senior Human Resource Officer from the county Directorate of Human Resources, and Peter Silale, the ministry’s Human Resource Officer, took the rangers through areas on code of conduct, disciplinary measures due to absence from work or gross misconduct, observing protocol when reporting or lodging complaints, different types of leaves and finally, training and development.

The Members of County Assembly present at the exercise were Daniel Emekwi (Katilia and Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources Committee chair), Alice Nakawa (Nominated and Deputy chair of the Tourism Committee), David Erikudi (Lobokat) and Raphael Loperito (Lokichar).

In their remarks, they emphasized the adherence to the code of conduct and cooperation with the ministry.

“I would like to remind the rangers of the paramilitary training they underwent in Kenya Wildlife Service training school in Manyani,” said Joseph Erupe, KWS Senior Warden, “It emphasized observing protocol, discipline and sticking to the code of conduct”.