Kerio Delta, 29th June 2021 (Governor’s Press Service)- Water expert who led studies behind discovery of Napuu and Lotikipi aquifer has urged the County Government and partners to pursue further exploration of Turkana’s groundwater potential.

Dr. Alain Gachet, the President and CEO of Radar Technologies International (RTI) said the Survey of Groundwater in northern-central Turkana in 2012, also showed the potential of shallow and deep groundwater in all the regions and the potential quality of the water available through the Water Technology developed through his company.

In a meeting with water stakeholders yesterday at the Turkana Basin Institute, Dr. Gachet presented the findings of the exploration and advised the County Water Department and the partners present to conduct further studies as there is already a basis for the availability of water through the findings of the studies.

The project led to the discovery of the two main aquifers, the Napuu alluvial aquifer, and Lotikipi Basin aquifer. He urged the county to partner with USAID who are currently working with USGS hydrogeologists on groundwater studies for Turkana. He promised also that through his company, he is willing to train officers on the use of the technology implored.

RTI was the company consulted to conduct groundwater potential exploration studies for Turkana county in 2012- 2013 through UNESCO, the Government of Kenya, and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The studies covered Lotikipi and Lodwar Basins covering Turkana West, Turkana Central, Turkana North, and part of Turkana South.

Director of Water Services Tito Ochieng who represented Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro in the meeting, said the county was committed to groundwater research and ensure data advised borehole drilling to solve water shortage in the county.

He expressed hope that an MOU will be signed between the county and RTI to further assist in the research and development of the groundwater studies. He revealed that a water quality lab is in the process of being equipped and will aid in the studies of the water quality for major aquifer like Lotikipi and Napuu and confer the suitability for use.

The meeting included presentations from Ajay Shah of PASS Africa on drilling experience in the continent, Consultant with Africa Oil Johana Ekuwam and Water Resource Authority (WRA) Representative Barack Ochoro.

Senior County staff present were Inspector Groundwater Moses Wanjala, Turkana Central Sub-County Water Officer Kenneth Omondi and Head of Groundwater Section Vivian Amoni.