Lodwar, 22nd June 2021 (Governor’s Press Service)– Governor Josphat Nanok today chaired a validation exercise for a labour market assessment report on Turkana conducted by the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

The assessment aims to support government and development partners identify and exploit opportunities to grow labour demand and ensure evidence-driven policy making on labour market.

Speaking at the event, the Governor said the report will give recommendations which will guide enterprise development by stakeholders. He said such data was critical for a growing economy of the county, where potential was massive but largely remained unexploited.

He urged ILO to group recommendation to the specific stakeholder responsible for addressing challenges identified affecting labour market. He agreed that focus of the County Government was develop existing potential in sectors such as crop, fish and livestock production which are core sources of livelihoods for majority of residence.

The assessment is under the Prospects Programme funded by the Government of the Netherlands and was launched in March by Dutch Ambassador to Kenya Marten Brouwer, during his visit to Turkana. The five-year project aims to shift paradigm from humanitarian to development approach in responding to displacement crisis with a focus on Turkana West, and brings together ILO, International Finance Corporation (IFC), UNICEF and the UNHCR.

With the report focusing more on Turkana West, the Governor explained the need for a similar assessment for the entire county owing to the interconnectivity of labour markets across Turkana.

ILO PROSPECTS Chief Technical Advisor Caroline Njuki, said Labour Market Intelligence was critical to identify sectors with biggest potential which will support stakeholders develop policies to unlock this potential.

She added that assessment will be a reference point in designing of interventions for partners and guide engagement with the private sector.

County Executive for Trade, Gender and Youth Affairs Charles Lokioto commended ILO for the assessment and agreed that the report will provide data to support exploitation of market potential in the county.

Senior County Government officials present include County Executives Emojong Emoru (Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources), Philip Aemun (Agriculture, Pastoral Economy and Fisheries) Esther Lokwei (Lands, Energy, Housing and Urban Areas Development) and Jane Ajele (Health and Sanitation).

Chief Officers present were Pauline Lokuruka (Education), Jeremiah Apalia (Economic Planning), Rosemary Nchinyei (Roads), Cpt. (Rtd.) Augustine Lokwang (Health); acting Chief Officers Chris Eregae (Office of the Governor), James Lokwale (Trade) and Philip Lokaala (Tourism) as well as Chief of Staff Ekuwam Nakiporo.

Chairman of Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Turkana Chapter Pius Ewoton and UN Delivery as One Coordinator Susan Aletia were among representatives of partner organisations present.