The Project Implementation Team from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources and county Public Works engineers, led by Ag. Chief Officer Phillp Lokaala, carried out site inspections of two ongoing projects; Kataboi Eco-lodge and Ekaales Centre.

The purpose of this inspection visit is to check the progress of the ongoing works since the sites were handed over to the contractors early this year. The contractor at the eco-lodge has undertaken works in the rooms; floor tiles, ceiling and plumbing as well as fencing. At Ekaales Centre, the contractor has laid the foundation for the administration block.

Once completed, the eco-lodge will provide the community with employment opportunities as well as allow them to engage in income generating activities like making and selling curio items. Located near the beach, the guests will be able to swim in the lake and enjoy the cool breeze. In addition, tourists will able to visit attractions such as Napeget sand dunes, Wadach Pyramids and Loropio beach.

At Ekaales Centre, the administration block is first of the building to be constructed and after which an exhibition hall for displaying Turkana Cultural artefacts. Adjacent to the Tobong’ulore festival arena, there will be biashara centre which is under construction and a sports stadium.

On the way to Kataboi, the team made a stopover at Namorutung’a where there is an ongoing fencing project of the heritage site. Lokaala advised the Namorutung’a community not to harvest the stones and gravel inside the fenced area so as to not change the landscape of the centre. Upon completion, within the fenced area there will be curio shops, exhibition hall and a mini museum by the National Museums of Kenya. And plans are underway to gazette the site to preserve, conserve and protect it from encroachment.

He appreciated the contractors’ progress so far and urged them to adhere to the BQs and complete the projects as per the set timelines.

Others present were Hellen Nakuru – Deputy Director Tourism, Fred Akila – Senior Procurement Officer, Peter Locham – Senior Accountant and Dennis Machoka and John Owino – Public Works engineers.