The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources, has handed over four project sites to contractors that are aimed at developing cultural infrastructure to stimulate and promote creative cultural industries.

Following the handing over of the Kataboi Eco-lodge site for completion, residents of Lokiriama in Loima Sub-county and Namurotung’a Lotubae in Turkana East Sub-county are set to benefit from exhibition halls alongside curio shops while Lokitaung will have a public library to promote literacy.

The curio shops are expected to be centres for growth of creative cultural industries such as beadwork, carvings and metalworks as well as collection and storage of traditional artefacts.

Leading the county team at Lokiriama project site handover, CEC George Emoru urged the contractor to work with the community especially in providing employment opportunities.

The Deputy Director of Culture and acting chief officer, Philip Lokaala told contractors that the ministry expects works be of high standards as stipulated in the BQs.

The county Public Works’ engineer team, led by Eng. Kenneth Obong’o, informed the various contractors that they would start works immediately and told them to work with the county engineers to ensure the projects were as per the BQs and to adhere to the time stipulated in the contracts.

The communities, through their representatives agreed to donate land for the projects.