Turkana County Government, through the Culture Directorate, and National Museums of Kenya (NMK) have signed an MoU which the County Secretary Peter Eripete says will assist the county in capacity building on mapping and developing heritage sites across the county.

“The mapping will be significant in assisting the county on planning and identifying the priority areas,” added the CS, speaking at the headquarters of County Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources.

The MoU, which is also geared towards the promotion, preservation and conservation of Turkana’s rich cultural heritage and its place in Kenya’s story on the Fight of Independence, will assist the two parties identify the areas of collaboration.

“We (NMK) would like to propose that the county looks into mapping out some of the historical and heritage sites, with NMK as a consultant, in order to develop a road map for tourism investment”, said Dr Mzalendo Kibunjia, Director General of NMK, who was accompanied by top NMK officials.

He added that NMK had completed the rehabilitation of the Kenyatta House in Lokitaung and was also looking into protecting other sites such as Kenyatta House (Lodwar) and Nariokotome.

CEC George Emoru shared with the team some of the heritage sites the ministry had mapped, such as Moru Anayace, for the purpose of developing them as tourism attractions.

“The African Court has been rehabilitated to be an information center and what is left is equipping it for use,” he added. The African Court is located in front of the Lodwar Law Courts.

Deputy Director Culture, Philip Lokaala, observed that the signing of the MOU marks a new beginning for building a sustainable partnership between the County Government and the NMK on heritage restoration and conservation in Turkana.

“The county will tap on the expertise of the NMK to develop cultural facilities for tourism attractions,” he said.

After the signing of the MoU, the Culture Directorate and NMK teams carried out a public participation exercise at Namorutunga, Kalokol – Turkana Central Sub-county.
According the NMK Director-General, the institution is seeking to construct a mini museum in memory of the Late Frank Brown – a geologist who mapped the Turkana Basin.

Plans, intiated by the Directorate of Culture, are underway to construct a perimeter fence, curio shops and exhibition hall.