Lodwar, 5th January, 2021 (Governor’s Press Service)

The Board of Lodwar Municipality has been urged to explore partnership and collaboration to accelerate development of the municipality.

During a briefing meeting on status of the Municipality, Governor Josphat Nanok called on the board to build partnership with the private sector, the business community and other organisations for success of planned development.

He said similar partnership had bore fruits in other counties in sectors such as waste management. He advised the board to fully privatise garbage collection with the County Government’s role limited to establish system of payment by private businesses and guard against irresponsible dumping of waste.

The meeting attended by all Board Members was called to review progress of planned projects and performance activities since the board took office on October 2019.

Governor Nanok said enforcement officers recruited will be deployed to support operations of the Municipality, on revenue collection and enforcement of County laws.

He stated that the Municipality will work with water companies to be established to manage water services as required in the Water Act (2019). He revealed plans to establish two water companies-one for rural areas and another to address water needs of urban centres.

The County boss insisted on need for opening of access roads in Kanamkemer and Nakwamekwi, two suburbs of the Municipality which are growing rapidly.

He called on the Municipality to develop plans for zoning and naming of suburbs and streets.

Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro encouraged the board to embrace digitization of documents which will also boost revenue collection. County Secretary asked for fasttracking of bus parks and stages for the increased number of PSV vehicles and trucks.

In the meeting were Chief Officer for Lands, Energy, Housing and Urban Areas Development Joshua Lemuya, Board Members led by Board Chairperson Christine Tatoi, and Acting Municipality Manager Esther Kiyong’a.