Lodwar, 25 November 2020—County Executive for Agriculture, Pastoral Economy and Fisheries Philip Aemun today at Mifugo Complex flagged off vehicles carrying the supplementary Livestock feeds  that had been donated by World Relief Organization.

The intervention is  meant to protect the young ones, lactating nannies and pregnant ones from starvation and lack of key nutrients to support important body functions.

Tens of  household in Lapur and Lake zone wards will benefit from distribution of 27.5 metric tonnes of range cubes and targeted vaccination of  livestock vaccination that targets 550 households in Turkana North sub-county.

Areas selected for feeds distribution include Riokomor,Nachukui and Loarengak in Lakezone while Kaaleng,Kachoda and Karebur are the considered sites for Lapur ward.

In his remarks,CEC Aemun said that the distribution and prepositioning  of feeds to strategic areas was meant to cushion the breeding herd against death due to starvation resulted by inadequate feeds availability.

He thanked the World Relief Organization for the support that includes budgeted consultancy for drafting of Turkana County Livestock disease control policy and bill that will guide operation of diseases surveillance and response within the county.

Once it becomes law,it will entrech the roles and responsibilities of community disease reporters in livestock disease surveillance in Turkana.

On looming second wave of desert locust invasion,CEC Aemun called for vigilance and activation of surveillance tools from both the Government and development partners to avert negative socio-economic impact similar to the one experienced this year.

County Chief Officer for Fisheries,Livestock Production and Veterinary services Abdullahi Yussuf said distribution is being done at the right time  with consideration being given on drought had-hit areas and said that   additional feeds would be provided by the County Government and livestock partners.

County Director for World Relief Elias Kamau said that they will continue partnering with the County Government on enhancing pastoralist livelihoods programs on areas of economic and social importance.

This programs will include cross-breeding that targets improve increase productivity through introduction of gala goats.

County Director for Livestock Production Bobby Ekadon said other places had not benefited  factored in the next distribution plan while his veterinary services counterpart Dr. Benson Longor stated that the program will cover vaccination and deworming of more than 12000 goats and sheep.

Also present were County Director for Fisheries Robert Kibunja,Administration Deputy Director Geoffrey Apedor and several staff from the Pastoral Economy department and Fisheries.