International Organization for Migration (IOM) with County Government today held an evacuation
and prepositioning training for County Administrators in readiness incase of Turkwel Dam spill over.
The training exercise is a collaborative initiative between the County department of disaster and
IOM to prepare Administrators incase of the Dam over flow which the metre reading is getting
worse day by day.
The training comes at a time when Turkwel dam is expected to fill to its full supply level of 1150
metres and spill over.
Guided by Yoko Fujimura, International Organization for Migration (IOM) Head of Sub-Office, the
Administrators have been trained on mitigation, contingency plans, coordination and Management
of disasters, data collection and reporting, sectorial needs at times of disasters as well as advocacy
and resource mobilization among others.
The training is to inform Administrators on their obligations with a basis on how they should
implement the mitigation plan.
In the event of a spill, the county government estimates that 300,000 people will be displaced,
damage to irrigation schemes and infrastructure, loss of lives and livelihoods and Sub mergence of
key towns across the river basin including Lodwar.
Even as the spillage is likely to occur, the department of disaster still endeavours to continue
sensitizing residents living downstream as it capacity builds administrators, Chiefs, religious and
opinion lesders on applicable contingency plans.
The training brought together Administrators from the likely affected wards of Kaptir, Katilu,
Lobokat, Lobei, Turkwel, Kangatotha, Kerio, Kanamkemer and Lodwar Township as well as officers of
key sectors of Agriculture and Livestock, water, Lands, Infrastructure, health and Disaster
Management that will directly or indirectly be affected.