County Executive for Tourism, Culture and Natural Resources, George Emoru Emojong graced a riparian rehabilitation sensitisation exercise to encourage the community participation in rehabilitation of areas surrounding River Turkwel.

The exercise held in Kaitese, Turkwel Ward in Loima Sub-county organized by the Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) which has partnered with the County Government in environmental conservation.

“The Ministry works closely with partners to ensure that our mandate to protect and conserve forests is achieved. One of efforts we collaborate is to enhance tree cover by distribution of trees seedlings communities for free from the county tree nurseries,” CEC Emoru said.

The community was trained on rehabilitation methods, conservation of threatened indigenous species and management by utilization of prosopis.

The CEC said that the community could use prosopis in the production of charcoal and poles for building their homes. The ministry’s was working on procuring kilns to promote value addition.

Residents also received trained on nature based enterprises such as bee keeping, aloe value addition and pasture production.

On his part, the Head of KEFRI Lodwar Dr. Edward Mengich said that for rehabilitation and other forestry technologies to be implemented successfully the community, County Government, learning institutions, National Administration and Agencies, and NGOs should work together in partnership.

The community later planted indigenous trees to mark the occasion.