County Directorate of Veterinary has so far treated more than 27,000 goats and sheep against Peste des petits ruminants (PPR) locally known as *Lomoo* in a two week long exercise that started last week.

At Kamuge and Ngilukia Vilages in Turkana East Sub-County, the County Veterinary officers vaccinated 3904 sheep and goats against PPR with another batch of livestock totalling 1562 receiving vaccination on Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia .

County Director of Veterinary Services Dr. Benson Longor has said that the exercise targets to prevent spread of diseases as well as increase livestock production in the County through regular treatment and monitoring.

Additionally, Dr. Longor has said that the mass treatment, deworming and vaccination exercise that is being conducted in all sub-counties is expected to cover more than 500,000 livestock.

He noted mobilization of pastoralists in for Kibish Sub-County has been completed with mass treatment starting at Ekicheles tommorow. More than 150 cattles have been treated at Meyan, Maisa and Napeikar in Turkana North Sub-County.

In Turkana South, more than 3000 goats sheep have been vaccinated against PPR with the Veterinary officers attached to the Sub-County ferrying Mobile Crushes to Juluk and Akou Ekile villages to enable treatment of kraals that are situated in the riverine areas.

61 households at Nanam in Turkana West have benefited from the exercise that has seen vaccination of more than 10,000 goats.

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