The upcoming Road Safety Campaign by Turkana County Government Department of Transport will play a big role in sensitizing county road users to observe road safety as a way to minimize accidents in the county. Deputy Director at Lodwar County Referral Hospital (LCRH) Dr. Bonventure Ameyo has said.

The County Department of Transport has organized for a four days Road Safety Campaign scheduled for February 4th, 5th ,6th and 7th in Lodwar, Kakuma, Lokichogio, and Lokichar respectively. This campaign is themed, ‘Road safety, my responsibility’ and is aimed at sensitizing all road users to ensure safety of others since road safety begins with self.

Devolution government in Kenya has given birth to much development in the roads sector in the county. There has been much improvement on the county major highway by the National Government through Kenya Highways Authority (KenHA). The county government has opened and improved several county roads. The county roads have been graded and graveled, while drifts have been constructed at different sections where seasonal rivers transverse the roads. In Turkana East, a bridge was constructed to connect people of Kapelbok and Nawoyeregae. All these developments have given rise to an increase of movement on the roads and thus great risks to accidents.

The planned road safety campaign will therefore play a big role in sensitizing the road users to observe safety while on the roads to prevent accidents from occurring.