Following the award of tenders to 9 successful bidders, the County Government of Turkana is set to implement a section of the 3rd phase of road maintenance works funded by Roads Maintenance Levy Fund (RMLF), which is a grant from Kenya Roads Board (KRB).

In a site handover meeting held at the ministry of infrastructure, Transport and Public Works, CEC Benson Logiel Lokwang asked contractors for the road projects to work closely with project engineers from the ministry to ensure they are implemented as per the instructions and specification on the projects work plans.

CEC Benson asked the contractors to engage community leaders and residents through project sensitization meetings before the commencement of work to make them understand what the project entails and how they will benefit from it. He added that sensitization meetings are important since they familiarize the community with the project and prevent resistance and interference once the projects begin.

On project implementation, the CEC emphasized that quality standard work is expected from the projects and that the county government will not make payments for substandard work. He therefore asked the contractors to always contact ministry engineers whenever they fail to understand project instructions instead of assuming and proceeding only to be instructed to redo work.

To add on to this, Chief Officer Infrastructure and Transport Ariko John Namoit indicated that the ministry will be watchful to record the performance of works for the projects and that contractors who do shoddy work might be locked out from future opportunities. He advised the contractors to assemble all project materials on-site before beginning project implementation since it is expensive to purchase and transport materials in bits, a challenge he said was experienced in some previously implemented projects which were delayed due to inability of contractors to deliver materials on time to the workers on site.

Namoit challenged the contractors to consider an element of Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) apart from the projects they have been contracted to do.  “Tell us what you have done in CSR, provide evidence and this will give you high chances in future’’, said Namoit. Ag. Director Roads Amos Lokaale also informed the contractors that KRB expects all projects implemented by RMLF to be accompanied by an element of CSR. This he said ranges from employing locals to work on the projects, to drilling water for the community or even building a toilet among others.

“A good student Listens keenly, asks relevant questions and then delivers. You are now our students, please be that good student”. This was a message to the contractors from Engineer Simon Nakucho who explained that it was important for the contractors to be attentive and adhere to project instructions already given to them and that will be given throughout the project implementation period.

The site handover meeting was attended by Ministry roads engineers and successful bidders contracted for the road maintenance works at; Kalokol-Nabwell Ekorot road (Turkana Central), Napak hill road (Turkana North), Locher Ekaal river protection (Turkana West), Todonyang- Kokuro road (Turkana North), Lodwar Township Streets II road (Turkana Central), Lorugum- Loreng’esinyen road (Loima), Proposed construction of Kaakalel drift (Turkana South), Lokangae- Nsinyono road ( Turkana West) and Lokichogio- Lochor Aikope road (Turkana West). The total number of advertised projects for this 3rd phase was 15, out of which the 9 were successful and the remaining 6 set to be re-advertised since there was no successful bidder for the projects.

In his closing remarks, the CEC emphasized that the 9 projects have to be implemented within three months which is the project implementation period and that contractors experiencing challenges should notify the engineer in charge of advice.

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