County chief officer for Fisheries, Livestock production, and veterinary services Michael Eregae has said regular vaccination and treatment of livestock would avert deaths and boost animals’ health.
Referring to the ongoing vaccination and deworming of goats in Turkana North, Dr. Eregae said that the County government had put enough plans to treat pastoralist livestock to increase production and cushion them against economic losses that would be incurred through massive death of herds.
Pastoralism, Dr.Eregae said, was the main source of livelihood in Turkana and hence the need to invest heavily in its treatment against diseases. He affirmed department commitment to work with livestock production partners to help cover every part of the County including the nearby countries where herders usually migrate to, during the dry season in search of water and pasture.
Further, Chief officer Eregae revealed that the department has budgeted for the procurement of more vaccines in addition to what it bought in the last financial year.
A joint vaccination and deworming exercise in Turkana North Sub-County involving County department of veterinary services, Food Agriculture Organisation and World relief international targets to cover more 25,000 goats and sheep.
Areas to be covered in the week-long activity includes; Kaaleng, Kaalem, Kachoda, Karebur, sesame, and Kokuro.
The County government and United Nations Food Agriculture Organisation(UNFAO) procured vaccines while World Relief International Organisation facilitated staff allowances.

Turkana North  Sub-County Veterinary officer Ezekiel Makori said that identified cases of Peste des Petits Ruminants(PPR) locally known as *Lomoo*

would be treated to prevent its spread in the area.

World Relief International organization is based in Turkana North Sub-County and is involved in several programs that include livestock production, food security, and nutrition.
Yesterday, Turkana Central Sub-County Veterinary officer Job Rono visited Karebur and Sasame villages to Supervise the exercise on behalf of County Veterinary director Benson Longor.