The county MoH has received a total of six specifically programmed laptops from the national TB program to reinvigorate and strengthen laboratory TB diagnostic reporting

The laptops have also been programmed to support monitoring and evaluation of progress made towards reducing the TB burden in the county

Speaking during the handing over of the machines to the ministry, the County Medical Laboratory Coordinator (CMLC) Mr. James Maragia noted that TB is diagnosed through laboratory procedures by gene expert and microscopy hence the need for specialised tools for reporting the results

He further noted that the laptops have been fully installed and configured with tools for forecasting and routine quantification of TB reagents and other consumables to mitigate against service interruptions

This initiative is in tandem with Sustainable Development Goals 3.3 which aims at ending global TB epidemics by 2030

The receipt of the laptops also places Turkana county at a privileged position to fulfill the vision of the national strategic for TB, Leprosy and Lung health (2019-2023) which envisions a Kenya free of TB and Leprosy and, reduced burden of lung diseases

While receiving the laptops, director Emanman communicated the appreciation of the county towards the myriad of support from the national TB program

Director Emanman noted that the national TB program has been supporting county TB initiatives which includes but not limited to; quarterly review meeting, targeted workshops, UNION, commodity supply, equipment supply, support supervision and technical assistance among others

The laptops will be distributed to the Sub County Medical Laboratory Coordinators (SCMLC) with immediate effect to serve the intended purpose

Worth noting is the support of the EGPAF in facilitating transportation of the laptops from Nairobi to Turkana