Deputy Governor Peter Lotethiro has called on residents to turn up in large numbers and present themselves for enumeration in the upcoming national census slated for later this month.

The census, he said, would determine the share of national cake that Turkana County will receive in future as part of devolved funds from the national budget. He warned that failure to take part would lead to slashing of funds and end up denting development plans meant to benefit residents of the County.

Speaking in Lokitaung during the funeral ceremony of the late Ruth Erukon, the Deputy Governor highlighted County government development plans that included ongoing construction of a theatre at Lokitaung Sub County hospital and planned upgrading of the existing  mortuary which he said would save residents from incurring cost of moving to Lodwar to seek treatment. He promised further support for the hospital to add to the vehicle allocated to the facility in April.

He blamed the recent uprising disease like hypertension and cancer to changing of lifestyle and modern foods that he said were laced with chemicals.

He assured that the County Government has procured enough drugs and was in plan to increase and build houses for medics within the facility so that they can stay around their station of work and attend to locals.

On referendum debate that has dominated national discourse, DG Lotethiro said that he together with other   leaders will guide residents on the best path for the region to chart on proposed amendments the constitution. He urged residents to live together in peace to speed development of the area.

Cabinet Secretary for Mining and Petroleum John Munyes called for unity among residents of Turkana North sub-county saying it was key to development of the area. He said that he and Members of Parliament are working with Governor Nanok and other county leaders to support implementation of development.

The late Mama Ruth Erukon Lojao 73, was eulogized as devout and caring christian who was instrumental in starting and construction of the Lokitaung Catholic church.

Senior County Government officials present included Deputy County Secretary Robert Loyelei, County Director for Medical Services Dr. Gilchrist Lokoel, Culture and Heritage Advisor Boniface Korobe among others.

Members of County Assembly present were led by Deputy Speaker Michael Ewoi.

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