Health services and sanitation is currently holding a joint three days performance review meeting with health program partners at Black Gold hotel in Lokichar, Turkana South. This is a routine appraisal meeting held once every four months to evaluate progress made and share challenges experienced by all stakeholders of health services in the county during the financial year 2018/2019 third quarter period covering January to April 2019.

The joint meeting which brings together department of health services and partners such as CMLAP, Afya timiza, save the children, world vision Kenya, Afya nyota ya bonde, IRC and EGPAF will track effectiveness of existing service delivery standards and quality of care offered to the population through review of supportive evidences to be presented by the participants supporting provision of health services.

The meeting which will run from 8th to 10th of May 2019 brings together all stakeholders in the provision of health services in the county and the entire senior management of the ministry accompanied by directors and heads of various units and sub/units.

This quarters’ performance review meeting will provide a framework for; information sharing among health sector stakeholders, comparing achievements against target, evaluating existing data processes and systems, discussing best practices and recommended standards as well as develop quality improvement plans for future implementations.

Proceedings will be conducted through presentations, verification of evidence submitted and positive critique from participating county, sub county and stakeholder teams.Other government officials present are Turkana south sub administrator Mr. Alexander Losikiria,and area ward administrator.Opening and Closing remarks will be given by Health CECM and CCO hon. Jane Ajele and Dr. Roberts Abok respectively.