Dental clinic at the LCRH will be the first to roll out fixed orthodontic services in a county referral hospital in Kenya. The service is expected to start in the next three months. The clinic has facilitated specialized training of its staff and acquisition of two complete sets of dental units fully fitted with dental compressor, inter-oral cameras, monitor, suction tubes, head lamb, (cuspido) spitting area and movable treatment table as one stop shop for all forms of oral health services.

The clinic has also been staffed with four (04) dentists, three (03) oral health officers and three (03) dental technologists under the leadership of the chief dentist Dr. Rotich to support the provision of other dental services like; root canal treatment, tooth cleaning, inter-maxillary fixation, minor surgery, stitching, dentures and identification of tumors in the mouth on a round the clock basis.
Other than the dental clinic at the LCRH which serves more than 300 clients every month, the county has also established dental sub-units in Katilu and Lopiding sub county hospitals in Turkana south and Turkana west respectively as outreach centers for basic tooth extraction services, patient education on oral health and dental hygiene as well as referral of complicated cases to the Lodwar for specialized intervention.

According to several residents and clients of the clinic, a remarkable improvement has been witnessed in the area since 2015. Initially, all dental cases had to be referred to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret. The establishment of the clinic has made it possible to offer routine and emergency dental services within the hospital as soon as they are required.